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iPhone 13 Environmental Reports Reviewed

Let's take a read of the Apple Environmental Reports

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What Are Refurbished Phones? A Complete Guide

Buying a refurbished phone can be a bit tougher to know what you're getting, our handy guide runs through with you exactly what you can expect, including price, condition and where you can get them from so you get the phone you want, for less!

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Buying a Phone For Your Kids at Christmas

Many parents and guardians will be considering buying a first phone for their child for Christmas. With so many devices to choose from and with the questions that you might have about the process, a little guidance might help. Read on to find out our advice on which phones are the best first phones for kids.

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5 Things We Want to See from Phone Manufacturers in 2020

2019 was another year of incremental improvements, we saw a small reduction in the bezels and a more budget and mid-range devices taking to more impressive screen displays. Slightly better processor and chipsets. How can they do better in 2020?

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Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone Gifts for Christmas

Christmas around the corner, we want to buy gifts that don't have a detrimental effect on the planet, so why not choose carbon neutral, biodegradable and long lasting products this year. We have some recommendations here for you.

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Is The Fairphone 4’s Long Lasting Warranty Sustainable?

Fairphone 4 has been released and if you buy it before the new year, you can get 5 years warranty, does that make it worth it? Does that make it more sustainable? Here at Compare and Recycle we love to scrutinise these types of claims. Read on to find out what we think.

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You Snooze, You Lose: Time To Get The Most Money For Your iPhone

In the most comprehensive price tracking study that we have ever created, updated for 2021, we have looked at every iPhone recycling price since the iPhone 6 to understand what previous iPhone generations are worth now and how the upcoming iPhone 13 release will affect the value of older iPhones when you come to sell your iPhone.

13 Min Read

Best Phones For Kids 2021

These days, children will be looking for something modern that suits their needs and aptitude at using the latest technology. The youngest generations spend the most time browsing the internet on their phones, so as a parent you’ll want to purchase a device that enables them to embrace technology safely and effectively. Read on to find out our recommendations for the best first mobile phones for kids.

8 Min Read

How Much Plastic Is In Your Phone?

We discover how much plastic is in our mobile phone and decide whether that's a good or bad place to have it.

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iPhone 13 Latest Leaks and News about Release Date

A comprehensive roundup of the leaks and rumours surrounding the upcoming iPhone 13 launch, including features, specifications and dates.

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Google Pixel Environmental Reports

With the release of the new Pixel environmental report, we analyse Google's device specific environmental documentation to find out what steps they are taking to make their devices more sustainable and what they predict the total greenhouse gas emissions will be over the lifetime of the device.

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iPhone 12 Environmental Reports

The new iPhone range has been released alongside their environmental reports, we analyse the individual reports and find out where any improvements have been made. Apple have an ambitious target of zero net emissions by 2030, we take a look to see if their devices are taking a step in the right direction.

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Tips to Fund your Summer Holiday!

Whether you are a happy camper, a city breaker, or a beach lover you could fund most of your holiday with the unused tech in your home. Summer is on its way and

2 Min Read

Best Gaming Phones 2021

We take a look at best gaming phones of 2021 and what you can get for your money. Featuring the ASUS ROG, the New Black Shark and more!

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Best Gaming Phones 2019 [Up To Date]

If a better gaming phone comes out this year, we will happily knock them off their top spot, but here are the top phones for mobile phone gaming for 2019. Phone Processor Screen

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Finding Colour with the Oppo Find X3

The Oppo Find X3 is hitting the UK market exclusively with Vodafone, so you will want to know what makes the Find X3 special if you are going to drop over a grand on it.

6 Min Read

iPhone 12 Drops the Charging Adaptor, Gains 5G

This is our take on the brand new iPhone 12 lineup

4 Min Read

September 2020 iPhone Price Predictions

When upgrading your old device, you want to know how much it's worth, so whether you are eyeing up the iPhone announcement or considering chopping in your old iPhone for something different, September is the month that has the most price fluctuations of any month.

3 Min Read

Is the iPhone 11 Holding Its Value?

Make an informed decision when buying a new phone by looking at the rate of depreciation of last years' devices.

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Android Pie Comes to Fairphone 2 and Why You Should Care!

Android 9 is coming to Fairphone 2, 5 years after release. Showing the android community that updates beyond two years is possible. Here's why it matters to even those without a Fairphone 2.

3 Min Read

iPhone SE 2020 Environmental Reports

iPhone released their hotly anticipated 2nd generation iPhone SE, and we have long hailed the original SE as the champion of low emissions, so how does this new one stack up? Can it claim the thrown of the most environmentally sustainable iPhone?

5 Min Read
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