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Which Networks Are Offering Environmentally Friendly Contracts?

We have set out some best practices and recommendations for mobile phone ownership to reduce the environmental impact and wanted to see what the networks are already doing to offer customer greener contracts.

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What Are Refurbished Phones? A Complete Guide

Buying a refurbished phone can be a bit tougher to know what you're getting but our handy guide runs through exactly what you can expect, including price, condition and where to get them so you get the phone you want, for less!

6 Min Read

Tips to Fund your Summer Holiday!

Whether you are a happy camper, a city breaker, or a beach lover you could fund most of your holiday with the unused tech in your home. Summer is on its way and

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Is The Fairphone 4’s Long Lasting Warranty Sustainable?

Fairphone 4 has been released and if you buy it before the new year, you can get 5 years warranty, does that make it worth it? Does that make it more sustainable? Here at Compare and Recycle we love to scrutinise these types of claims. Read on to find out what we think.

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Samsung S7 Recycling Price Analysis

In anticipation of the Samsung Galaxy S9 announcement at Mobile World Conference, we analyse the price of previous models for those you looking to make the upgrade. It’s the time of the year

3 Min Read

Apple 2018 Event Reactions

Where to begin exactly. The morning after the night before has left us wanting more, where do we look for budget? Where do we look for innovation? Two questions left wholly unanswered following

3 Min Read
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How Much Plastic Is In Your Phone?

We discover how much plastic is in our mobile phone and decide whether that's a good or bad place to have it.

6 Min Read

Black Friday 2017 Mobile Phone Deals

It’s holiday season and Black Friday 2017 has come around once more. And with all companies clamouring for your attention (and money) there could be even bigger and better deals this year. Black

3 Min Read

Do Sainsbury’s Recycle Mobile Phones?

As one of the UK’s largest supermarkets Sainsbury’s now have a lot more than just groceries on offer. One of the newest additions to their wide range of services is their mobile phone

2 Min Read

SIRI: The Rise of the Intelligent Personal Assistant

How will Apple’s newest version of the iPhone endeavour to present SIRI? A Short Introduction SIRI has become a ubiquitous dynamic within the ever-changing personal assistant field of technological development. Those unaware, Siri

4 Min Read

The Best iOS 10 Features

Apple is set for its biggest iOS release ever, which is anticipated to be the biggest revamp the operating system has seen since Apple completely overhauled its mobile design in 2013 with the

2 Min Read

Stop using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 IMMEDIATELY

Samsung issued an alert on Monday, asking owners of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to immediately turn them off because of continued malfunctions. There has been a complete suspension of sales of the Galaxy

2 Min Read

Using Technology for GCSE Revision – Should You Ban the Phone or Use it?

When asked, “what distracts you the most when revising?” there can be no dispute that the mobile phone would be one of the top responses. But can this creator of disturbance become a

4 Min Read

Best Small Mobiles Available in 2017

We review and compare the best mini mobiles and compact smartphones that you can buy in 2017, which feature screens of 5-inches or under. From the Sony Xperia XA1 and Xperia X Compact to

3 Min Read


We love a deal, and in the UK the time with the most deals is at the end of November on the now infamous Black Friday. With an excess of £6 billion up

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Latest Leaks Showcase Next-Gen ASUS Flagship – the ZenFone 5

The newly leaked ZenFone 5 could represent a watershed moment for the technology giant. ASUS has had a somewhat difficult smartphone retailing experience. The highs and lows of Asus handset manufacturing and the

2 Min Read

ASUS Zenfone 5Z Takes It Up A Notch

The reviews have serially been unkind towards Asus and its latest flagship the ZenFone 5Z. CNET, in a popularly re-tweeted barb, called the handset “an iPhone X on the cheap.” However, underneath the

3 Min Read

Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact - Review

As with all Sony flagship endeavours, there is always room for a small compact release. During World Mobile Congress, Sony continued the trend. As everyone gawped at the XZ2, Sony also unveiled the

3 Min Read

Best Chinese Phones for 2018

We love a bargain, and even more so, we love good value for money. Some of the best value for money to be had from mobile phones is by buying Chinese. Check out

5 Min Read

Sizzling Hot Prices!

We have some great news for you! The prices on the website are increasing in line with the heatwave! With some of our most popular phones increasing £30+. The heat has definitely gone

2 Min Read

New 2018 iPhone Release Date, News and Leaks

What's in store for the leapfrogged iPhone? All we can assume is that they could be jumping back to the "9" moniker, the rest, unlike previous years, has been pretty well guarded. Here's

4 Min Read
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