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Apple didn't invent the tablet, but until the iPad launched, few people understood what they were, let alone wanted one. The popularity of the iPad means they hold their value for far longer than most other tablets, meaning you can get a good price when selling your iPad to a recycler. Using an iPad recycler is quick and easy and using our site to compare deals ensures you get the best price!

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While Apple completely revolutionised the smartphone market with the original iPhone, things had already reached the point where mobile phones were part of our everyday lives. What they did with the iPad is arguably more impressive, however, as few people knew what a tablet was, let alone wanted one, before the iPad was released. Much like the iPhone, the iPad has become the benchmark by which all other tablets are judged and its popularity and high quality ensure it retains its value well.

You're not short of options when it comes to selling your iPad. Selling to a friend, using a site like eBay or visiting a shop like CEX are all ways to get cash for your old iPad. The quickest and easiest way is using an iPad recycler. With our comparison tool, you get a price from multiple recyclers with just one simple search. Using a recycler cuts out many of the headaches associated with selling electronics to someone such as faults developing a few weeks after purchase or arranging a time and place to sell.

Whenever a new iPad is released, it can be hard to resist upgrading to the latest model, and unlike a mobile phone many people don't get their iPad on contract. This makes upgrading much less of a headache as there's nothing to pay off to get out of your old deal. Since iPads hold their value well, you can sometimes get up to half the cost of upgrading by selling your old iPad to an iPad buyer.

Getting a price for your iPad couldn't be easier! Just choose your model from the list above and see the prices on offer. If you see one you're happy with, you'll only need to enter a few basic details to register the sale then simply post your iPad to the recycler and await payment! Most recyclers pay within a day or two, with some even paying the same day they receive your iPad, meaning you'll usually have the cash in your account with a day or two of starting the process.

Even if your iPad is damaged or non-working, many recyclers will still buy it. The more damaged the iPad is, the less you'll get, but for minor damage the price deduction can be small.

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