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If you want to know how much you can sell an iPad for then you first need to tell us which model you have. The same goes is you have an Android tablet too like a Nexus 9 or a Samsung Galaxy Tab. We've listed all the brands which have prices available for their tablets above. Finding your tablet is as simple as choosing your brand it belongs to and then finding the exact model on the next page. To compare prices for your iPad or other tablet even more quickly we recommend you use the search box near the top of the page and just type in your model!

When getting a new high-end phone most of us opt for a contract but since buying a tablet at full retail price is much more common it's even more important to recover some of that initial cost when you sell your iPad. Even many older iPads can sell for well over £100 so it's worth trading it in rather than leaving it to gather dust when you replace it. Mobile phones have been popular for years but with the original iPad only launching in 2010 it's only now that many of us are moving onto our 2nd tablet and have an old one to recycle so selling iPads and tablets is quickly becoming much more popular.