Quiz: What Type of Recycler Are You?

We've seen millions of phones get recycled through the merchants on our site and as such we think we have nailed down the different types of recycler (and phone owner). But there are an astonishing 125 million phones are still languishing unused around the country, so it's time to level up your recycling game and we have a personality test for you to take if you are not sure what type you are!

So what type of recycler are you?

Whether you like to ensure your phone is in the best condition possible, or general wear and tear is just part and parcel of having this essential appendage attached to you at all times.

No matter the condition of your old mobile, whether you trade in the second the pre-order is available or you keep it for as long as you can your smartphone can always find additional use elsewhere when you're finished with it. Get involved this Green Tuesday and if you are caught on buying a new phone on sale this Black Friday, compare mobile phone recycling companies and get the best price for your old phone with us.

Andrew Marchant

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