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Person taking picture of a city scape at night

Best Smartphones For Night Photography 2023

Do you love night photography, but struggle with capturing a clear enough image on your mobile phone? Or have you been on a night out, looked through your camera roll the next day just to find dark and blurry snaps? Well, this blog lists the best smartphones perfect for night photography.

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Man on phone ignoring girlfriend

What's Phubbing And How It Affects Relationships

Ever been in a situation where you're pouring your heart out to someone, only to realise they're more interested in their mobile phone than having a conversation? Well, you may have experienced a classic case of ‘phubbing’. In this blog we dive into this digital dilemma and explore how our need to swipe, scroll, and double-tap is sabotaging our human interactions and how we can stop it from ruining our relationships.

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Shaun The Sheep Art Trail: Behind the Scenes Interview with the Artist

If you caught up on our last blog, you will already know that we will be supporting Heart Of Kent Hospice by sponsoring the Shaun the Sheep sculpture in Maidstone in the summer of 2024! We are excited to join other local communities and businesses in supporting the cause and be part of this fantastic art trail running for the second time in Maidstone.

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yellow galaxy s24, violet galaxy s24 plus and grey galaxy s24 ultra sliding in from the top

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: The iPhone Of Android But Better

The much-anticipated Galaxy S24 series is here and Samsung have upped their game especially when their competitors Apple and Google came in strong with new AI features and changes to design materials in 2023. It's safe to suggest these new features make the Galaxy S24 series the iPhone of Android.

4 Min Read
Man holding empty wallet showing he has no money

Over The Past 10 Years, Brits Wasted £17.5 Billion When Upgrading Phones!

Whether it be the release of the latest iPhone or during seasonal sales that tempts you to buy a new phone, many of us rush to seek the latest tech gadgets despite not having a reason to replace the one we already own. But, what’s the aftermath of this and how many of our old mobile phones get left behind despite having quite a bit of life left in them still? Compare and Recycle, in collaboration with YouGov, conducted a recent survey revealing that a staggering £17.5 billion was lost by Brits over the past decade when upgrading their mobile phones.

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Google Photomoji Messages - image courtesy of Google

What Is Google Photomoji And How To Use It

Are you a Google mobile phone user and want to find out what the news Photomoji feature is? Well, you're in the right place! Google has officially rolled out Photomoji within the Messages app and it essentially allows users to create reactions and stickers from actual images. Google claims that it will transform your messaging experience and some say that it even resembles the like of iMessage and popular iPhone features. If you want to learn more about how you can start using it, keep reading!

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Person taking picture of a city scape at night

Best Smartphones For Night Photography 2023

Do you love night photography, but struggle with capturing a clear enough image on your mobile phone? Or have you been on a night out, looked through your camera roll the next day just to find dark and blurry snaps? Well, this blog lists the best smartphones perfect for night photography.

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Christmas tree recycling 2024

Christmas Tree Recycling With Heart Of Kent Hospice

Just like our old phones can be recycled and used for parts to make other phones, Christmas trees can be recycled too! Compare and Recycle are proudly in partnership with Heart Of Kent Hospice to support those experiencing terminal illnesses or going through bereavement by joining their real Christmas tree recycling initiative.

3 Min Read
iPhone 15 Environmental Report

iPhone 15 Environmental Report Reviewed

Once again we have reviewed Apple's iPhone 15 lineup Environmental Reports in order to see whether the iPhones are more eco-friendly.

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Three people on their smartphones and ignoring each other

What Makes Us Addicted To Our Phones?

Ever wonder what’s luring you back onto your phone in the unholy hours of the night? Or feel like you could’ve sworn you heard a mysterious vibration, but no notification is to be seen? Well keep reading to uncover what is keeping you addicted to your phone…

5 Min Read
man panicking about iphone depreciation

Pro or Pass: The Impact Of iPhone Depreciation

We did what we do best - a comparison of first year depreciation rates of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 series to predict what the first 12 months for the iPhone 15 lineup will be like. Read on to find out which iPhone 15 to pick to avoid faster depreciation.

5 Min Read
Image of the announcement of the new Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphones

Google Pixel 8 Duo: Never Take a Bad Picture Again With The Help Of AI

Google gives us a glimpse into their AI plans as they integrate impressive features within their latest smartphone and wearable releases at the annual Made By Google 2023 Event: Pixel 8, 8 Pro and the Google Pixel Watch 2.

5 Min Read
Tim Cook standing on a stage at an Apple event in front of the Apple logo

Will the iPhone 15 Save The Day Or Is the iPhone Coming To An End?

Following the iPhone 15 launch, we explore Apple's stagnation with tech advancements, in particular whether or not the iPhone has stopped redefining the smartphone landscape. Do you think the iPhone glory days are over?

5 Min Read
an image of a see-through globe with text saying "take on the grab-a-prize challenge"

Grab-a-Prize Challenge Is Coming To Maidstone

Join us on Saturday 9th September 2023 to get involved in our first ever outdoor event - the Compare and Recycle Grab-a-Prize Challenge! Step inside the huge inflatable Grabdome™ and challenge yourself to grab 30 tokens in under 30 seconds to get in the draw and win!

4 Min Read
Tim Nicholson, Antonia Hristov from Compare and Recycle with Sarah O'Sullivan from Heart of Kent Hospice and little Shaun The Sheep character

Compare and Recycle Proud Sponsors of ‘Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent’ Art Trail

Compare and Recycle will be an Official Sponsor of Shaun the Sheep in the Heart of Kent Art Trail coming to Maidstone in 2024! Find out exactly what the art trail is about and how you can get involved.

5 Min Read
Girl wearing wireless earphones whilst walking with her mobile phone

The Best Apple AirPods Pro Alternatives

Thinking of buying the latest AirPods or just a new set of wireless earphones and not sure where to start looking? In this blog we’ll cover which ones are worth it and the best alternatives to the Apple AirPod Pro’s.

5 Min Read
Man holding mobile phone and using it to watch netflix

The Best Phones for Streaming Enthusiasts

Are you a streaming enthusiast wondering what the best mobile phone is for your avid movie watching? This blog will provide you with all the useful information you need in order to make the best choice when the time comes to make that all important decision - buying your next mobile phone. Keep reading to find out the best streaming phones whether you're ready to splash the cash or are on a budget!

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an image of an iPhone and a Galaxy Z Flip 4 in hand with a text "Android vs iPhone"

Switching From iPhone to Android: A Week With The Galaxy Z Flip 4

Whether you’re an iPhone or Android user, have you ever thought about switching sides and where do your priorities lie when it comes to your smartphone? This is an ongoing debate that we wanted to put to the test and what could be better than to challenge a die-hard iPhone user to switch to an Android for a week! To make the experience even more exciting, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was a refurbished model rather than brand new.

5 Min Read
The official Samsung Unpacked event 2023 image

Samsung Unpacked Event 2023: Will You Join The Flip Side?

Find out what was announced at the Samsung Unpacked Event 2023 that was held in Samsung's home city of Seoul, South Korea on the 26th July.

5 Min Read
Image of microSD cards laid out next to a smartphone

Top Phones with Expandable Storage: Never Run Out of Space for Photos, Videos and Apps

Trying to find mobile phones with expandable storage in 2023 can be a difficult task. Do you find yourself constantly deleting apps or pictures from your phone because you’re always running out of storage space? Well, we can help you find the top phones with expandable storage to ensure you have plenty of space to store everything you need.

7 Min Read
Image of empty plastic bottles

How Plastic In Phones Is Tackled By Industry Giants

The question we always find ourselves asking is whether major mobile phone brands are doing enough to become sustainable and eco-friendly. Plastic has been a growing concern over the last decade, as we see technology advance, but sustainability initiatives are still catching up. So, what has changed and will the tech industry ever become plastic free?

8 Min Read
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