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The Galaxy S10 Will Kickstart The Great Tech Of 2019

We're two days in New Year and next big thing is the Samsung Galaxy S10 (likely a trio of new models) an eagerly awaited device for Android fans. It’s rumoured that whilst Samsung will keep the "Galaxy" moniker, it may tweak the model number and use Samsung Galaxy "X" plus a number to identify its new models. We are yet to discover the real names, but the codenames "Beyond" hint toward a flagship level device.

Lightning fast internet

The S10 5G model is set to be lightning fast for apps with it’s next gen 5G tech bundle. Qualcomm and Samsung have announced a strategic partnership which spells the start of a golden era for 5G providing super fast internet speed that will leave you needing a brain upgrade to keep up. Say goodbye to buffering and say hello to multiple connections and communication in the background apps like never before.

600 ppi

Sharp vision is everything and an increased PPI in the display is always a welcome development. So, an increase from 570 for the S9 to the 600 for the S10 will please every Samsung lover. Let’s hope it’s as sharp as they say!

Distinct Neuro-Processing Unit

Another exciting improvement is the new NPU (neuro processing unit) or artificial intelligence Exynos chipset which will advance its machine learning and AI capabilities. This dedicated processor will manage all AI functions and leave the main processor free to get on with all the other bundle of smartphone tasks which have become de rigeur for any self-respecting Samsung smartphone user.

Finger print tech

Rumours abound that finger print technology will be one of the features and will reside under the display scanning your finger in four different directions. It should spell the end to frustrating failed log in attempts.

How much does screen size matter to you?

Well if you want an even bigger one, the Samsung S10 5G is rumoured to deliver. It’s said to have a huge screen which weighs in at 6.7 inches. You’ll just have to buy a bigger pair of jeans to fit this one in your back pocket because it really does pack a punch.

As many cameras as the Albert clock has faces

Leaks about the number of cameras being 5 seems to be the consensus. Complete with a brand new Infinity-O display tech, the S10 Plus most likely is going to feature 3 cameras in the back and 2 in the front, whereas only one selfie camera will be located on the front of the S10. Extra cameras could add better zoom ability or depth data to create sharper pictures. Additional cameras would provide sharper focus for portrait modes and AR apps. Samsung might add another futuristic touch. When launching camera app on S10, a little animation ring will illuminate the selfie sensor.

Release date?

With unveiling being held in late February at MWC2019, it’s likely all things being equal that Samsung's latest device will be in the shipping lanes in March 2019 at which time it's hoped that there will be greater availability of 5G networks so it can take full advantage of the networks power.

Excited? We are!

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