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Samsung are not only one of the most trusted brands when it comes to mobile phones but for many years have produced high quality electronics and appliances. In the last couple of years the Galaxy S line has made Samsung the top Android manufacturer and they sell in huge numbers. If you've got an Android phone to sell then there's a pretty good chance you may have a Samsung. Top Samsung phones from a few years back still sell for a good price to recyclers and by using our comparison you may be getting an even better price!

To get a price you can either use the search box above or take a look at the list of Samsung phones below, pick the one you have and you'll be shown a list of prices. Take a look at the comparison and see which deal best suits you. There are a couple of things to consider other than price such as how quickly that recycler pays and which postage and payment methods they offer. Once you've settled on a deal you only need to fill out a few basic details then send off your phone and wait to get paid!

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Samsung have been in the mobile phone industry for many years and there's a good chance that if you don't have a Samsung phone at the moment you may well have had one in the past. When you get a new phone you're usually too busy enjoying it to think twice about your old one, but what many don't realise is that you can sell your old Samsung phone when you've upgraded. In fact you may even want to sell before you've upgraded to help pay off an existing contract or to put towards your next phone!

Selling to a recycler is an easy process no matter who you choose, but getting the best price can require a bit more work and that's where we come in to make the job a lot easier! Comparing prices for your Samsung phone using our comparison makes getting the top deal much easier. Just choose your phone from the list above or use the search box towards the top of the page and we'll show you a comparison of prices to sell your Samsung from many top mobile phone recyclers.

Using our comparison makes it much simpler to get the best price from a recycler, but why would you use one in the first place? Firstly, they're waiting to buy your phone, you don't need to place an advert or try to sell your phone, they already want to buy it! They'll send you packaging and pay for postage, so you don't need to mess around in order to send your phone in and while it may be challenging to sell a broken phone on marketplaces, our featured recyclers are more than happy to pay cash to take a damaged phone off your hands! Most will still pay something even if the phone doesn't work at all! So whether you've got a high-end smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy S21 or an older handset, get comparing and get paid for your old mobile!

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