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What is the Process for Selling an iPhone?

Ever since Apple first revealed the original iPhone other manufacturers have found it almost impossible to match the popularity of the what is now surely the most iconic phone of all time. While this means getting the latest iPhone is never easy or cheap, it does mean an iPhone will retain its value much better than most phones.

There are other options for selling your iPhone and you might want to take the process on yourself, by finding a buyer or listing on to an online auction site, however these are far from hassle free.

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Because refurbished iPhones are high in demand in the UK, sellers can get a quick turnaround and will pay a premium to acquire your handset. Recycling your iPhone is as simple as selecting your model and storage capacity.

If a handset is not in good enough condition to repurpose, the phones themselves are recycled for their parts, and are disposed of according to the Waste Electrical and Electrical Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive).

Even if your iPhone is broken beyond repair, our recyclers are happy to recycle responsibly, some of the parts may still be serviceable.

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