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Although smartwatches haven't quite become a must have accessory yet the introduction of the Apple Watch has generated a lot of excitement and massively increased the number of smartwatches being sold. Although the Apple Watch is a high-end device there are low budget alternatives such as the Pebble and many options in between such as the LG Watch Urban or Moto 360.

Unlike a mobile phone a smartwatch isn't going to spend much of its time hidden in a bag or pocket so having a stylish device is even more important. The demand for the most stylish smartwatch of all means Apple Watch prices are likely to stay high for quite some time so if you've got on and decided it isn't for you or just need some cash quick then selling your Apple Watch to a recycle is a great way to make some cash quick.

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You can sell your broken devices too!

You can sell your device no matter what condition it’s in, our listed companies will receive your device, assess the damage and you may even still get a decent amount of cash for it. Broken devices still have value and are still worth recycling responsibly.