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Find out how Compare and Recycle started and what services we offer.

What We Do

We make the process of recycling your devices easier, by providing a list of more than 30 different recycling companies on the market by price and customer ratings. We ensure that you’re informed about which company is offering you the best deal for your device.

Our goal is to motivate everyone to recycle their devices once they’re finished with them and purchase a refurbished phone instead of a brand-new model, as this not only has a financial benefit for you, but it also goes a long way towards protecting the environment.

When you recycle your device, you’ll get money for it which you can put towards your next mobile phone or towards something else entirely. Besides this, recycling your old devices will prevent them from getting left in landfill sites, which would contribute to the increasing piles of e-waste around the world. Electronic devices contain hazardous materials which can contaminate air, water and soil if they’re not recycled responsibly. Moreover, with every new electronic device that’s made to meet the frenetic demand for new devices every year, this adds to the increasing CO2 emissions from electronics manufacturers around the world.

Compare and Recycle comparison

How Does Compare and Recycle Work?

Compare and Recycle is a comparison website and it works in three easy steps.

You tell us what device you want to sell, the website then displays the prices offered by recycling companies for that device for you to compare them easily.

Once you have selected the recycler you are happy to proceed with, Compare and Recycle will securely pass the sale details to that recycler. The recycler will be buying your device and taking care of the sale, starting from sending you a postage pack or a label through to assessing the device and issuing a payment for it.

Our Story

The idea of helping customers get the most cash to sell their phone online was conceived back in 2009. The number of online phone recyclers was growing rapidly, and prominent TV advertising campaigns from phone buyers like Envirofone and Mazuma meant that consumer awareness was on the rise too.

While there were plenty of companies offering to buy phones, finding the best deal required searching each website individually. It became clear that the entire process could be far quicker and easier, which led to the idea of creating a comparison site which could display all the prices on offer in one place.

After months of research, development and too many late nights to mention, that simple idea turned into what became the UK’s largest phone recycling comparison website. On the 13th of January 2010, Compare and Recycle officially launched.

Since starting as a couple of web developers trying to bring an idea to life in a spare bedroom, Compare and Recycle has grown into a nationally recognised brand backed by a passionate and talented team. We have helped millions of customers to get in excess of hundreds of million pounds for their old phones.

Over the last decade, the mobile phone industry has changed dramatically. Compare and Recycle has had to respond to industry changes by continually improving and expanding our service. We've implemented many of the biggest innovations in the phone recycling industry, and we’ve even grown beyond the core recycling comparison - offering comparison tool for getting the best deals on buying refurbished phones and launched our corporate recycling service.

how Compare and Recycle looked when it was launched

Compare and Recycle way back in 2010!

Services We Offer

Mobile Phone Recycling Comparison

Our core service is providing a comprehensive and trustworthy list of different recycling companies so that you can make an informed decision about where to recycle your phone. We’re the largest independent comparison site in the UK, and we’re proud to offer you a first-rate service. We’ve helped over a million customers to get the best deal for their smartphones.

Refurbished Phone Comparison

We provide a list of refurbished devices available to buy so that you can find the best deal available on the market. We would recommend buying a refurbished phone as it’s a great way to reduce the environmental impact of the smartphone industry. Getting a refurbished device reduces the demand for a new smartphone to be manufactured, which releases CO2 emissions, and prevents a phone from being left as e-waste unnecessarily.

Corporate Recycling

If you're a business or organisation that cycles through company-issued devices, we offer a personalised service where a dedicated account manager sources competitive quotes from a panel of our trusted recyclers to help you recycle your used devices in bulk.

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