iCloud Removal Guide

How do I remove my iCloud account from my iPhone?

Before selling your iPhone or iPad to a recycler it's very important that you remove your iCloud account from the device first.

Only you are able to remove your account from the device so whether you're selling to a recycler, selling privately or even just passing you phone on to a friend or family member you need to make sure you've removed your iCloud account first!

Removing iCloud using your iPhone (the same steps apply for an iPad)

  1. 1Go to Settings from your Home screen
  2. 2Select General
  3. 3Select Reset
  4. 4Select Erase All Content and Settings
  5. 5Select Erase iPhone
  6. 6Enter your password and select Erase

7Your device will turn off and restart. It may take a few minutes. Once complete your iCloud amount will be removed and your device wiped.

Removing iCloud using any device via the website

  1. 1Go to Find My iPhone on
  2. 2Select all devices and choose your iPhone
  3. 3Select Erase and enter your Apple ID password
  4. 4Once the device is erased you can choose Remove from Account

Not sure if your device is still tied to your iCloud account?

If you want to be sure your iPhone is not longer tied to your iCloud account you can use the Activation Lock Checker provided by Apple on the iCloud website.

This tool can also come in handy if you're ever buying a second hand iPhone as you may not be able to use it all if the previous owner has not removed their iCloud account. Even if you are able to use the phone the previous owner would still be able to lock or erase the phone until their iCloud account is removed!

Running iOS 6 or below?

iPhones and iPads running an iOS version below iOS 6 are not tied to an iCloud account so it is not essential to carry out the steps above prior to selling your phone.

You can check which version of iOS your device is running by going to Settings>General>About>Version.

As resetting your phone will remove your photos, messages and other personal information we do recommend that you carry out a reset before selling.