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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Galaxy S20 Plus
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Recycle Pro
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
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The Tech Octopus
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
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1 dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
Clove Recycling
Same dayBank TransferYes Free PostageNo Free Pack

How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus?

When the time comes to put your Galaxy S20 Plus back on the market, make sure that you use our comparison tool to get the best deal. This will show you which recycler is offering you the best option. The next stage is to give them your details to receive a free post package so that you can give your Galaxy S20 Plus to them. Alternatively, you can print off your own label. When the recycler eventually gets your phone, they will ensure that the condition it has been listed as is accurate, then you will receive payment.

Why Should I Recycle My Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus?

If you throw your Galaxy S20 Plus away instead of responsibly recycling it, then it could be left as e-waste on a landfill site, which is extremely hazardous to the environment. Even if your device is not in full working order, you can send it to a recycler who will refurbish it and sell it on as a second-hand device.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price History

The value of your S20 Plus will directly affect how much you will earn for it. Your device’s value will depreciate over time, so if you are ready to sell it now, we would recommend that you do so as soon as possible. This is especially the case for Samsung devices which do not hold their value as well as Apple smartphones.

Can I Sell My Broken Galaxy S20 Plus?

Your smartphone will be classified as broken if it has problems like water damage, broken buttons or a shattered screen. Regardless of its state, there will be recyclers that will be able to put it back on the market after a refurbishment. If your device has water damage specifically, then you should ensure that you see what your recycler’s policies are on this as they may not be able to take phones in this state.