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Galaxy S10 Plus

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How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

The Galaxy S10 Plus is a giant of a phone full of high-tech features including a huge long-lasting battery. This phone will remain in high demand from recyclers for a long time. To sell your Galaxy S10, select the capacity and condition of your device, then select the offer from the recycler that looks the most reasonable and fill out your details either on either Compare and Recycle or externally via one of our trusted recyclers. The recycler will then send you a freepost pack to send your phone or you can print your own label off to speed up the process. You do not need to send the phone in its original packaging, but you can pack some of the original accessories with the device. When the phone recycler receives your phone, they will check it to ensure that it meets certain requirements. Then you will receive payment.

Why Recycle My Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

As it currently stands, Samsung do not have the best environmental record, and unlike Apple, they do not publish detailed information about how much resources and energy are used and the quantity of greenhouse gas that is released in the process. Therefore, it is important that we keep mobile phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in circulation and get as much usable life out of them as possible. When you sell your device, the recycling company will refurbish it and sell it back to the domestic market. If the phone is too damaged, then the device will be sent to a plant to extract the valuable materials.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Price History

Every phone is likely to depreciate a considerable amount over the course of their lifetimes. With new phones and upgraded tech getting released every year, older phones lose some of their value. This occurs in a predictable pattern every year, namely every time a new phone gets released, the older models decrease in value.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?

Even if you have a broken device, certain recyclers will still want to buy it from you. If your device has dents or scratches but still functions properly, then it would be the best course of action to look at the broken prices to get an idea of how much you can expect back. If your phone does not turn on, or it has significant water damage, then please check the recycler’s terms and conditions to see what their policies are.

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