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How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S7?

Due to the reinforced and waterproof design of the Samsung S7, which was an improvement to many of the flaws of the S6, the Samsung Galaxy S7 was one of the most popular phones at the time. Selling your old Galaxy S7 is as easy as selecting the relevant storage capacity and condition and comparing the different prices on offer from the recyclers featured on Compare and Recycle. Once you have chosen the offer you're happy to go ahead with, simply fill out your details in the checkout process. The recycler will send you a freepost pack to send your phone back to them for checking.

Once your chosen recycling company receives the device, they will perform a few checks to make sure that the phone meets the condition that you submitted and that there is not any excessive damage. Once they have finished testing the device, they will either come back to you with a recalculated offer or the offer will stay the same. If they have reduced the offer, most recyclers will post your device back free of charge.

Why should I recycle my Galaxy S7?

The importance of recycling electronics is often disregarded. These little machines are made up of a huge array of precious and rare materials whose mining causes a huge amount of environmental destruction. Keeping these devices in circulation is incredibly important as a phone can more easily be given a makeover compared to raw materials having to be extracted to make a new device. When you sell your Galaxy S7, you are doing your bit to prevent your phone from becoming e-waste.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Price History

The benefit of keeping a phone for over three years is that they are still in demand from recyclers for spare parts or for phone replacement services. The S7 was released in 2016 for around £550 and slightly more for the higher capacity model. The phone is still popular today and has not depreciated as quickly as various other models have done. The time of the year that the offer prices drop the most are just after Christmas and when a new Samsung phone is released.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung S7?

Selling your broken Galaxy S7 is encouraged, as many recyclers can refurbish, resell or recycle broken devices relatively easily. They can use their specialist tools to repair most issues caused by general mishaps. However, if your device has water damage, even though this phone is water resistant, previous repairs or cracked screens can affect the durability of the waterproofing. Please check the terms and conditions of your chosen recycler to see if they still accept water damaged phones.