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Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20

What counts as working?

To receive the full working price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

By recycling your mobile phone you have helped safeguard our environment.

Selling Your Galaxy S20

If you are ready to upgrade your Galaxy S20, you can get the best price for it by trading it in using our comparison tool. Once you have decided which recycler you want to choose, send them your details and you will receive a free post package to send your device to them, or you can print off the label yourself. Once the recycling company receives your device, they will make sure that it has been listed in the correct category and send you your payment.

Why Should I Recycle My Samsung Galaxy S20?

You should try and keep your Galaxy S20 in circulation and try to stop it from getting thrown into landfill if you can. This is because when phones are left on landfill sites as e-waste, this is highly detrimental to the environment as they can contaminate the air, water or soil. If your device is completely broken, you can still send it to one of our merchants, and they will put it back on the market as a refurbished phone.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price History

The amount that your device’s value decreases over time will dictate the price that you will receive for it when the time comes to sell it. Samsung devices do not usually hold their values as well as iPhones for example, so we would recommend that you sell your Galaxy S20 sooner rather than later.

Can I Sell My Broken Galaxy S20?

If your Galaxy S20 has major problems like a broken screen, water damage or buttons not working, then it will be classified as a broken device. However, there are certain recyclers that will take your phone in this state anyway and refurbish it so that it is ready to be sold on as a second-hand device to another user. If your phone has been subjected to water damage, check to see what your recycling company’s T&Cs are as they may not accept it in this state.