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Galaxy A50

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How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy A50?

If you have the Samsung Galaxy A50 and are ready to upgrade to a different model, then you should try to find the best price for your Galaxy A50 as soon as possible. A Galaxy A50 could be the ideal new smartphone for someone. All you need to do is choose a recycling company from the comparison table, then go through the options and send your information to the recycler.

The recycling company will then give you a freepost package so that you can send your device away for an assessment. Once it has been confirmed that your phone is in the correct category, then the recycler will pay you, either by PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. You can also print off your own label and send your device independently.

Why Should I Recycle My Samsung Galaxy A50?

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is full of rare materials and took a significant amount of energy to make. Did you know that 80% of a phone’s total emissions are created during a smartphone’s production? Keeping devices in circulation saves resources from being mined for longer. When you sell your Samsung Galaxy A50, you can rest assured that your phone is going to be used again or recycled responsibly if the phone is beyond repair.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Price History

Samsung Galaxy A50 recycling prices depreciate throughout the year, with the biggest decreases occurring after a new device in the same range has been released. The value of the cheaper Samsung Galaxy A50 should drop more slowly than the more expensive phones which can see a huge percentage of the value knocked off just after a single year. Mobile phones are now costing over £1000, so it is more important than ever to know how and when to get the most that you can for your old phone.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung Galaxy A50?

If your phone has deep scratches, a broken screen, or malfunctioning buttons, then the phone must be classed as ‘broken’. The recycling companies will then give your phone a makeover and replace the broken parts until it can be sold on as a refurbished model. If your device cannot be reconditioned, then it will be responsibly recycled.