How Much Can I Sell My Samsung Galaxy For?

With today’s unveiling of the next generation of the Galaxy S lineup for 2021 from Samsung, you may be tempted to grab one of the flagships for yourself once they go on sale or put the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus or S21 Ultra on your wishlist as your next upgrade once your current contract runs out. No matter which route you choose to go down, there’s absolutely one thing that should be on your to do list before upgrading: finding the best price to sell your current Samsung phone. Without further ado, let’s find out just how much you can sell your Samsung Galaxy for.

How Much Can I Get for My Samsung Galaxy S20?

If you can wait for a few days with the phone that you currently have, we would recommend selling your current Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra before the Galaxy S21 goes on sale. The reason for this is so that you can get the best possible deal, as prices tend to drop once new models hit the shelves. If you’d prefer to upgrade to one of the S21 models first instead and then proceed with selling your Samsung Galaxy S20, make sure that you do it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less money you will be able to get for it.

At the moment, these are the top prices that recyclers at Compare and Recycle are willing to pay you for an unlocked Galaxy S20 model in working condition:

ModelStorage capacityPrice
Samsung Galaxy S20128GB£331.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 5G128GB£361.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus128GB£384.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G128GB£382.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus 5G512GB£401.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G128GB£402.00
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G512GB£481.00

Prices correct on 01/02/2021

How Much Can I Get for My Samsung Galaxy S10?

Despite 2021 marking the two year anniversary of the Galaxy S10 lineup, these are still great smartphones and remain in high demand on the resale market. The price you get for your Galaxy S10 will mainly depend on its condition. If you’ve taken care of your device, it’s unlocked and doesn’t have significant signs of wear and tear, you might be looking at getting the following best prices for your Galaxy S10 model:

ModelStorage capacityPrice
Samsung Galaxy S10e128GB£196.00
Samsung Galaxy S10e256GB£200.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite128GB£126.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite512GB£105.00
Samsung Galaxy S10128GB£226.00
Samsung Galaxy S10512GB£252.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G256GB£278.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G512GB£292.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus128GB£241.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus512GB£276.00
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus1TB£301.00

Prices correct on 01/02/2021

How Much Can I Get for My Samsung Galaxy S9?

A great number of recyclers at Compare and Recycle are at the ready to buy your Galaxy S9 off you. Prices for unlocked Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in working condition currently are between £130 and £185, and comparing the offers will make sure you’re pocketing a great return on your good old S9.

ModelStorage capacityPrice
Samsung Galaxy S964GB£126.00
Samsung Galaxy S9128GB£146.00
Samsung Galaxy S9256GB£161.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus64GB£165.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus128GB£158.00
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus256GB£185.00

Prices correct on 01/02/2021

How Much Can I Get for My Samsung Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 was a breakthrough at one point in time. Smaller bezels, great looks and the latest technology packed in a compact body had many Android users opt for the new model from Samsung back in 2017. Today, the S8 is three generations old, but if you’re on the lookout for something more up to date, your unlocked Galaxy S8 in good working order can help you save in the region of £100 on your next upgrade.

ModelStorage capacityPrice
Samsung Galaxy S864GB£98.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus64GB£115.00
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus128GB£120.00

Prices correct on 01/02/2021

Whether you’re an early adopter and buy the latest model on day one or you have the patience to wait for better deals on the Galaxy S21 lineup, you're going to save more if you choose to sell your Galaxy S phone for the best price on the market. Don’t forget to take a look at our guide on preparing your phone for sale.


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