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Samsung Galaxy S9

Galaxy S9



What counts as good?

To receive the full quoted price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

How Do I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S9?

The Galaxy S9 was released in 2018 alongside the bigger Plus model and was available in three capacities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. To sell your device, simply select the capacity and network or whether your device is unlocked and pick the offer from the recycler of your choice. Then, submit your details to start the process.

You can select whether you would like the recycler to send you a pack, otherwise you can print off a freepost label yourself to send your phone in, which takes a day or two off the total time that it takes for you to receive money for your Galaxy S9. Once your chosen recycler receives the device, they will check your phone to assess its condition. Then, you will hear back from them with a new offer or with the original quoted amount.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Galaxy S9?

The Samsung brand does not hold its value as well as an iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S9 is no different. The price during its launch began at £740, but quickly fell in value as the sales started to flood in. The sharpest drops in resale value come as a new model is being released, or just after Christmas. Therefore, when you decide it's time to sell my Samsung, try to plan around these dates and have a look at our Samsung price history to get a clearer idea.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My Galaxy S9?

The process for recycling your Galaxy S9 depends on the company that you have chosen to recycle with. Generally, when a recycler receives a device, they will check the functionality of it and ascertain if it is in good condition or not. Then, they will wipe the device and sell it domestically. If there is too much damage to sell it straight away, the recycler will make the repairs and replace the parts to be sold on.

Can I Sell My Broken Samsung Galaxy S9?

If your device is past the point of repair, then the only option would be to responsibly recycle the device for spare parts, components or for the rare or valuable materials inside. This is a process that some companies specialise in due to this ongoing cycle of demand.

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