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iPhone 12 Pro

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How Do I Sell My iPhone 12 Pro?

Compare and Recycle is the best place to sell your iPhone 12 Pro, you will find the best prices and the best service. If you chose to buy an iphone 12 Pro, then you clearly know what you are looking for in your phones, it should also mean that you understand the value of them and want to get the most you can.

Simply use the comparison table above, select from them the deal you want and the company you want to sell to, and if you are confused at any point or are having any difficulty whatsoever in deciding, get in contact right away, as we will be able to point you in the right direction based on your phones unique condition.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My iPhone 12 Pro?

When you have decided, or put the order in to get a replacement phone, then that’s the time you need to lock your price in. Some companies allow up to 14 days lock in prices and as the price of devices goes down fairly consistently throughout the year, you can protect yourself from these minor deductions.

Prices for the older versions of the iPhone generally drop as new versions are released, making it easy to predict that the most dramatic price deductions will happen around iPhone launches in September.

iPhone 12 Pro Price History

The 2020 release of the iPhone 12 Pro came to a fair bit of fanfare, more premium features and more advanced internals meant that this device was priced at the very premium end of the price spectrum. The release price of the iPhone 12 Pro started at £999 and in its first year since release dropped just 37% from its value in the run up to the iPhone 13. One of the better performing devices retaining it’s value well.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 12 Pro?

If your phone just needs a bit of a clean up then you could find it makes its way into the hands of the next customer with relative ease. If it has more damage, then it’s likely it will have to go through a full refurbishment and may take a bit more time to reach the market. If iPhone 12 pro is damage beyond financially appropriate repair, then it will be responsibly recycled through the official channels as there are still some great and recyclable materials in the device that are worth recovering.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 12 Pro?

If the device is broken beyond repair or has some catastrophic water damage, then that is extremely unfortunate as any value it has will be greatly diminished. If it is broken, then you really should just do your part and get the device on to one of our recyclers so they can responsibly recycle the device. It’s better than just sitting in your drawer.

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