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Apple iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone 8 Plus


Recycler PricePay PeriodPay MethodPostageSell
Mobile Jungle Recycling
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
Recycle Kings
1 dayBank TransferYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info
1 dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
We Buy Tek
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
We Buy Any Gadget
Same dayBank Transfer, Cheque, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info
The Tech Octopus
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info
Same dayBank TransferYes Free PostageNo Free Pack

Sell Your iPhone 8 Plus

To sell your iPhone 8 Plus on our website, you have a choice of many different recyclers. When you compare these recyclers, you will see that each of them is offering a different price. The price varies so make sure that you look at all of the options available and take into account the recyclers terms and conditions. You will need to give your iPhone 8 to a recycler, and to do this there are two options. Firstly, you can give your device to the recycler by yourself, or secondly, you can use a package that the recycler will send you to for you to send your phone back to them. After your phone has been sent off, the recycler will then look at the condition of your phone which will determine the amount of money that you will receive back for it. You can opt for a PayPal, cheque or bank transfer of this payment.

How Much Is My iPhone 8 Plus Worth?

If you kept your device in a decent condition, you should get a good deal from one of the recyclers. The value of your unlocked iPhone 8 Plus is largely dependent on its storage capacity and condition. Our recyclers are offering top trade-in values of just below £300 for 128GB and 256GB variants. The iPhone 8 Plus 64GB will fetch you in the region of £250. The longer you wait to put your iPhone 8 Plus back on the market, the less it will be worth.

iPhone 8 Plus Price History

According to our iPhone 8 Plus price history studies, the higher capacity models maintained their value for longer, but the lower capacity model depreciated less in the first year. However, with the iPhone SE 2020 now found in Apple’s portfolio, the value of the iPhone 8 Plus might experience one of its most significant drops after the iPhone 2020 lineup release.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 8 Plus?

The process for recycling your iPhone 8 Plus depends on the recycling company that you have chosen. Each organisation has their own steps for making your phone a usable second-hand device for another customer, which often involves a refurbishment of your device. If your iPhone 8 Plus cannot be repaired, then it will go to a recycling facility for the valuable parts inside the phone to be taken out and resold.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 8 Plus?

Even if your phone is well and truly broken, you still have the option to give your phone to a company that will refurbish, repair it and put it on the market with a new lease of life. At the top of the page, select 'broken' to categorise the condition that your device is in. If your phone has one of the following issues, it will be in the 'broken' category: buttons not working properly, scratches, not charging and a broken screen. These are just a few examples, as there are several issues that your phone might have; there could be another issue to report. If your phone has been subjected to water damage specifically, you will need to contact the recycling company, or check their T&Cs to see what their policy on water damage is.

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