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iPhone 13

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How Do I Sell My iPhone 13?

Ensuring you get the most cash possible when you sell your iPhone 13 is easy at Compare and Recycle, simply choose the merchant you want to sell it to and fill in the order form on the next page. The iPhone is always high in demand from our merchants so finding a buyer is easy and you can be sure to get the best offer price here. When you have chosen an offer price, the merchant will then send you a freepost pack or will arrange for a courier collection, really taking the hassle out of the whole process. You can usually book a collection from the following day if the Merchant offers collections, this greatly speeds up the time from filling out the form until the point you get paid.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My iPhone 13?

The most obvious time to sell your iPhone 13 to get the best price is as soon as you have upgraded. Get your pictures and important texts off of it as you are waiting for your new phone to arrive and then it will be a simple switch over and you can get the phone sent off straight away. iPhones lose about 50% of their value a year, but most of this drop happens directly after a new mobile launch, so if you can pre-empt this drop then you are likely to get the most relative cash for your phone.

iPhone 13 Price History

The iPhone 13 was the most popular device of the 13 lineup. You could pick it up starting at £779 and expect it to drop 50% of value in the first year. We deep dive into how iPhones devalue to determine the best time to sell your iPhone on our blog and find out which variations are better protected from future drops.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 13?

Every recycler that we work with has their own processes to recycle your iPhone. They will usually follow a multi point evaluation system to determine the true value of a phone, and re-offer you based on that. Once you have accepted they will refurbish and recondition the device ready for resale back on the domestic market. Many of our merchants also list these devices on our refurbished iPhone comparison. Buy your next phone refurbished and save a considerable chunk of money, whilst doing something positive for the environment.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 13?

Replacement parts for iPhones do cost quite a bit, but you can still sell them to our merchants who will fix them up and sell them back on the market, or they will responsibly recycle the device if it is beyond economical repair.

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