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Apple iPhone 8

iPhone 8


Recycler PricePay PeriodPay MethodPostageSell
Recycle Kings
1 dayBank TransferYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info
Pre Loved Tech
2 daysBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
We Buy Tek
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
Mobile Jungle Recycling
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
Repair Outlet
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
1 dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
We Buy Any Gadget
Same dayBank Transfer, Cheque, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info
The Tech Octopus
Same dayBank Transfer, PayPalYes Free PostageNo Free Pack
+ More Info

How Do I Sell My iPhone 8?

Selling your iPhone 8 on our website could not be easier, as we have a broad selection of recycling companies to choose from. Each of these recyclers will offer a different price for your iPhone 8, so it is simply a matter of choosing which recycling company you want to go with. Most recyclers will send you a freepost pack to send your phone in, or you can print a freepost label and pack it yourself for a quicker turnaround. The recycling company will then assess your phone to determine its condition, which will indicate how much money you will get for your device. You have three options to get paid: a cheque, a bank transfer, or via PayPal.

How Much Is My iPhone 8 Worth?

The amount that you can get for your iPhone 8 will depend on its internal storage capacity and cosmetic condition. A fully working iPhone 8 with minor signs of use is worth around £200 and there’s a wide selection of offers from the merchants on our comparison.

iPhone 8 Price History

Looking at our price tracking data over the past few years, the iPhone 8 has been retaining its value considerably well year on year despite it taking a significant drop after the release of the 2018 iPhone lineup. Unlike any other iPhone series, the iPhone 8 recycling prices tend to experience a slight decrease prior to new product launches in September.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 8?

How you recycle your iPhone 8 is dependent on the recycler, as each recycler will have their own steps and policies for recycling. Often, the recycling process will involve a refurbishment of your phone. Devices that cannot be repaired at all will be sent to a recycling facility whereby the profitable components of the device will be removed and put on the market.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 8?

Your phone may be completely broken, and if it is, do not worry, because there are still options for you to get some money for your device. You can send it to a recycler that can repair, refurbish and resell your phone as a second-hand device. At the top of the page, simply choose 'broken' to categorise your phone's condition. Some problems that your device may have could be a broken screen, buttons not working, dents on the handset's exterior, and the device not charging properly. You may also have other issues besides these, including water damage. If your device has this, then you will have to check your recycler's Terms and Conditions or contact them directly to find out what their policies are.

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