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iPhone 7

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How Do I Sell My iPhone 7?

Selling your iPhone 7 is easier than ever with our comparison of phone recyclers. Each company offers a different amount for your device, which is something that you will probably want to consider when making your choice. You have two ways to send your phone to a recycler. The first is to send your device yourself, and the second is to use a package that the company will send to you to send your device back to them. The company will then assess your phone to see what the condition of it is like, which will determine the amount of money you will get. To receive the payment, you can choose either a bank transfer, a cheque or PayPal.

How Much Is My iPhone 7 Worth?

Depending on storage capacity of your iPhone 7, our recyclers are currently happy to pay you around £100 for a fully working iPhone 7 with minor signs of use. We generally recommend that you put your iPhone 7 back on the market as soon as you decide to sell it due to the value of iPhones depreciating over time. With the iPhone 7 being on the market for a good few years already, the amount you can recover from your iPhone 7 drops with every new generation of iPhone released.

iPhone 7 Price History

Despite the iPhone 7 release dating back to September 2016, this iPhone model is holding its position of the most popular traded-in at Compare and Recycle. This means that there still is a high demand for iPhone 7 models among our recyclers and you can find a great selection of offers on our comparison.

Our iPhone 7 price tracking indicates that this model has experienced one of its major resale price drops in the run up to the release of the iPhone X in 2018, and iPhone 7 recycling prices go up marginally just before new iPhone announcements every September and around Christmas. So you can expect to be able to cash in on your iPhone 7 until Apple keeps supporting it with the latest iOS versions.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 7?

Each recycler will have a different set of steps for recycling your iPhone 7, however the process usually involves a refurbishment. If your phone is beyond repair, then you can send it to a recycling facility where the profitable components of your device can be removed and put back on the market.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 7?

Even if your iPhone 7 is completely broken, you can still resell it to the domestic market. Certain recycling companies will be capable of giving your phone a new lease of life to transform your device into a second-hand smartphone which is as good as new. At the top of the page, choose 'broken' to categorise your device. Your phone could have all sorts of problems, notable examples being a broken screen, buttons not working, scratches and not charging properly. If your device has water damage, ensure that you check your recycler's Terms and Conditions or contact them directly to see what their policies are regarding this.

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