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iPhone 7 Plus

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How Do I Sell My iPhone 7 Plus?

To sell your phone on Compare and Recycle, you simply need to choose between one of the many different recyclers that are keen to buy your iPhone 7 Plus. Each of these companies are offering a different price, so this will probably inform your decision of which company to go for. There are two options to give your phone to the recycling company, firstly, you can send your phone yourself in your own packaging, or secondly the recycler can send you a package for you to give your phone to them. The recycler will assess the condition of your device to determine the device's quality which corresponds with how much money you will receive for it. Once the testing is completed, you will receive your payment for the iPhone 7 Plus typically via a bank transfer.

How Much Is My iPhone 7 Plus Worth?

Your iPhone 7 Plus might have served you well over the past few years, but if you’re looking to upgrade, your iPhone 7 Plus can serve you one last time and earn you a good chunk of value that you can use towards your next device. The iPhone 7 Plus in fully working condition is still wanted by many merchants, and depending on the storage capacity of your iPhone 7 Plus you can find recycling prices over £150 on our comparison.

iPhone Price History

iPhones traditionally hold their price better than Android phones, and the iPhone 7 Plus is no exception. When the iPhone 7 Plus was released, it offered big improvements over the previous iPhone generation and as such many users have chosen to pick one for themselves which leads to a high demand for them on the market even after so many years.

The iPhone 7 Plus models tend to have larger increases in price than the standard iPhone 7 in August and early September when the industry is preparing for new iPhone announcements from Apple. The 128GB and 256GB variations of the iPhone 7 Plus are continuously valued at a higher price in comparison to the entry 32GB model. While Apple continues to roll out software updates to the iPhone 7 Plus, users can expect to recoup a pretty penny for their old iPhone 7 Plus.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 7 Plus?

The recycling process is different for each recycler, but usually the recycling process involves your device getting refurbished first. Phones which are past the point of a refurbishment will be given to a recycling facility in which the valuable parts of the phone will be taken out and resold.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 7 Plus?

Your device may be a complete wreck, but do not allow this to deter you from trying to sell it. Some recyclers will be able to give your device a makeover to resell it as a refurbished second-hand smartphone. At the top of the page, select 'broken' to describe the state of your phone. There is an array of issues that your device could have, including a broken screen, scratches, unusable buttons and not being able to charge. If your phone has been subjected to water damage, then we advise that you either contact your recycler directly or read their T&Cs to find out their rules.

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