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Sell Apple iPhone 15

iPhone 15

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How do I sell my iPhone 15?

Ready to cash in on your iPhone 15? Selling it with Compare and Recycle is a breeze! Our comparison website ensures a quick and smooth sale. Simply tell us about your iPhone 15's condition and configuration, and we'll provide you with instant quotes to compare and choose from. Once you picked which recycler to sell your iPhone 15 to, ship your iPhone for FREE, and they'll handle the rest.

What happens after I recycle my iPhone 15?

In short, you get paid and there's less e-waste making its way to landill. A longer story is that your iPhone 15 will be assessed and graded by the recycler for its resale potential. Majority of iPhones are professionally refurbished to "as good as new" condition and sold again. If your iPhone 15 has seen better days, it will be reused for parts. By choosing to Compare and Recycle your iPhone 15, you minimise your phone's carbon footprint and your wallet gets a boost.

When is the best time to sell iPhone 15?

Timing is crucial when you have an iPhone 15 to sell! You see, phones are just like cars, they depreciate as the time goes on. To beat the depreciation, we recommend selling an iPhone 15 as soon as you've got a replacement. With new models being released, trade-in prices for iPhone 15 drop which means you will get less for it.

Can I sell a broken iPhone 15?

Absolutely! Whether your iPhone 15 has a cracked screen, faulty camera, or survived a nasty drop, our recyclers will buy it. Just filter prices by condition "Broken" to see who offers the best price.

We know it's tempting to conceal that crack or a small hardware fault when getting your quote on Compare and Recycle, at the end of the day your iPhone 15 might be working just fine. But the truth is, cosmetic appearance plays a big part on how much your iPhone 15 is worth. That's why it is crucial to pre-assess your phone so you can get a fair quote. The most common faults our recyclers come across are:

  • Big or small cracks on the screen or back of the phone
  • Deep scratches and dents
  • Unresponsive buttons or broken speakers
  • Faulty hardware, e.g. Face ID, screen or camera
  • Battery is playing up

If your iPhone 15 isn't up to scratch and has any of the above cosmetic faults or something isn't quite right with it, selling it under condition "Broken" will give you a better price estimate and you will know what to expect.

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