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iPhone 13 Pro

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How Do I Sell My iPhone 13 Pro?

With Compare and Recycle, it's easy to get the most cash possible when you sell your iPhone 13 Pro. All it takes is a quick search on our comparison and you will be instantly given a list of prices from our featured recyclers to compare. Simply choose which price suits you the most and fill in the order form on the next page. That's it! We promised it will be easy!

After placing your order, the recycler you chose to sell your device to will then send you a freepost pack, label or a courier collection will be arranged depending on your choice of postage. Once the recycler receives your iPhone 13 Pro, it will be tested on functionality and cosmetic appearance and you will receive your payment. How about that for a hassle-free process?

When Is the Best Time to Sell My iPhone 13 Pro?

Obviously, the best time to sell your iPhone 13 Pro for the best price is as soon as you have upgraded. iPhones lose about 50% of their value in the first year, gradually depreciating further by roughly 20% every following year. So if you want to beat depreciation rates, sell your used iPhone 13 Pro once your new one has arrived. Get all the important stuff off of it, wipe all the data and send it to one of our recyclers for sale.

The biggest value drop for iPhones directly follows the launch of new flagships, so if it happens that your contract runs out before the launch of new models, selling your old iPhone before the drop will get you the most money.

iPhone 13 Pro Price History

The iPhone 13 Pro retail price started at £949 when it was released and offered 1TB option costing £500 more than the starting price. Unboxing an iPhone 13 Pro would cost 25% in lost value and the first year total depreciation would reach 50% mark. We thoroughly analyse how much iPhones devalue to determine the best time to sell your iPhone and find out which models are more future-proof.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My iPhone 13 Pro?

Every recycler featured on our comparison has their own processes to recycle your iPhone. They will usually follow a multi point functionality testing to determine the true value of a phone and whether it can be reused. Heavily damaged or faulty iPhones beyond repair will be salvaged for parts. Those iPhone 13 Pro that are suitable for resale will be professionally refurbished and reconditioned if necessary to be sold as refurbished iPhone which is a great alternative to brand new as it's cheaper by mile and more positive for the environment.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone 13 Pro?

If your iPhone 13 Pro is broken, you can still sell it at Compare and Recycle. Our recyclers purchase broken iPhone 13 Pro to fix them up and use for parts, and responsibly recycling what's left. The price offered will reflect the condition of your iPhone, but nevertheless you will get a pretty penny for it and it will be a much more environmentally resposible way to dispose of your used iPhone 13 Pro rather than letting it end up in landfill.

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