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What Are Refurbished Phones? A Complete Guide

Buying a refurbished phone can be a bit tougher to know what you're getting but our handy guide runs through exactly what you can expect, including price, condition and where to get them so you get the phone you want, for less!

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Eight Ways We Can Reduce E-Waste

We've compiled a list of simple ways you can make an impact on curbing e-waste in your household and be inspired to embark on the journey to circularity with electronics.

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What Is 'Mobile Phone Eco Rating' and Where To Find It?

Earlier this year Eco Rating scheme was launched to provide consumers with an insight on smartphones' lifecycle environmental impact to help them make better purchase decisions keeping sustainability in mind. Read on to find out what is Eco Rating and where it can be found.

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iOS 17: A Major Upgrade

The iOS 17 features have been announced at the Apple WWDC event and it's safe to say, we're excited for these new features to become available for download this fall.

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Society addicted to mobile phones and ignoring the world around them

"Nomophobia" - The Modern Day Epidemic

What’s the biggest addiction of the 21st century? The smartphone has a strong case of being number one. In a dramatic shift that has occurred in the past 20 years, we've gone from having a simple communication device on our person to having the world at our fingertips. Henry from VoucherShops shares his thoughts.

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15 Measures to Protect Children Online

There are 15 standards that apps need to adhere to, the ICO provide detailed information, but here’s a bitesize summary, that outlines the key points to each.

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How Can I Make The Purchase Of My New Phone More Earth-friendly?

Every year our smartphones become more advanced power houses infused with intelligence like never before. With companies releasing dozens of new phones per year to match any usability needs, smartphones become irreplaceable. So how can we make buying smartphones more eco-friendly?

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Is Your Phone's Screen At Risk Of Burn-In?

In the era of AMOLED and OLED screens, we get a fair amount of queries about screen burn issues and how these affect a trade-in price. Read on to get your questions answered.

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How to Declutter Your Phone

Tidying up our homes has become a regular habit, similarly we need to tidy up our mobile phones. If you consider the number of unnecessary apps or screenshots that you have on your phone, you may have reached an excessive amount to the point where you’re running out of storage or it’s taking you longer than necessary to find what you’re looking for on your phone. If so, it's time to declutter your phone.

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Apple Environmental Report 2023: Does Apple Really Care About the Environment?

The report is rich in claims and achievements Apple is proud of, but there are a few essentials missing from their progress on the 2022 fiscal year and we decided to dig deeper to uncover the bad and the ugly when it comes to Apple’s environmental impact.

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The Ultimate Guide to Recycling Your Electronics

For some, recycling electronics can be confusing and challenging, which is understandable as there are still a few limitations. But fear not, this guide provides you with practical advice on how to recycle your electronic gadgets, reduce waste and minimise environmental impact while you're at it.

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Does Tesco Mobile Recycle Mobile Phones?

Recently Tesco have renamed its mobile phone recycling programme to Tesco Mobile Trade-In and we take a look how it compares to recycling your old mobile phone through Compare and Recycle.

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The UK's Top 10 Most Gadget-Conscious Cities 2023

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate Global Recycling Day 2023 by revealing the UK’s Top 10 most gadget-conscious cities! Using our trade-in data, Compare and Recycle list which areas in the UK have recycled the most tech.

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What Can We Expect from the Upcoming Galaxy S23 Series?

The announcement of the new flagship Galaxy S23 series is scheduled for the 1st of February 2023, so let’s dive into the latest rumours about what the Samsung Galaxy S23 will be like.

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Year in Review: The Most Recycled Phones of 2022

Welcome to Compare and Recycle’s Year in Review! As the new year kicked off, we decided to wrap up the numbers to share the most impressive highlights and reveal the UK’s most recycled phone of 2022.

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Best Sustainable Phones 2023

Some mobile phone manufacturers are trying to offer more sustainable phones that are less detrimental to the environment, so it’s time to highlight these few ethically-minded options on the market.

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Source: Samsung

How Much Can I Sell My Samsung Galaxy For?

There’s absolutely one thing that you should do before upgrading to one of the new Galaxy S23 and that is finding the best price to sell your current Samsung phone. Let’s find out just how much you can sell your Samsung Galaxy S22, S21, S20, S10 or S9 for.

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How to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone or Android

We all know that our phone storage is limited and sometimes it can fill up pretty quickly. This is a common issue when you want to take a photo or download a new app. But how do you free up storage on your iPhone or Android? We’ve put together a few tips for you.

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When is the Best Time to Buy a New Mobile Phone?

Getting a new phone while saving money can be challenging, but there are specific times throughout the year when we can seize the best deals.

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The E-waste Eating Bacteria Want a Bite of Your Old Phone

The current methods to recycle electronics have become obsolete and more sustainable techniques are being developed with bioleaching paving the way toward circularity in electronics. Learn about the environmental advantages of bioleaching and how e-waste eating bacteria can recycle our phones.

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How Sustainable Are Refurbished Phones?

There's a lot going in the wrong direction with how new smartphones are currently made and with refurbished phones growing in popularity, are they a more eco-friendly alternative to a brand new phone?

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