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The iPhone SE 2020 Pushed Trade-in Prices for Select iPhones Up

As the history shows, new iPhone releases tend to push trade-in prices for older iPhones up. Just recently, Apple have announced the second-generation iPhone SE after 4 years of keeping the users of small iPhones in anticipation. If you’re still rocking the original iPhone SE or even an iPhone 8, the new model is the cherry on top of Apple’s current offering: pocket-friendly size, upgraded internals and clever camera, home button and fast wireless charging. All of this for a starting price of under £500. What’s not to love?

In addition to hardware improvements, the new iPhone SE has indeed impacted trade-in prices for selected iPhones and if you bag the current deal for your iPhone, you can save a considerable amount on your new iPhone SE. Let’s find out which iPhones had a spike in offer prices and discover all the ups and downs.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 has been holding its value considerably well since the release of the iPhone 11 series, maintaining its prices without significant dips. Given that the new iPhone SE is basically an iPhone 11 inside the iPhone 8, the actual iPhone 8 has been discontinued. Opposite to what would have been expected, iPhone 8 trade-in prices went up with an average top price for an iPhone 8 in working condition being £197. That’s an 8 percent increase in comparison to prices at the end of March. The biggest spike is seen for a 64GB model, up by 11 percent compared to 2 weeks ago.

Sell your Apple iPhone 8 nowGet up to £60.00!

The price increases for an iPhone 8 Plus are less exciting, however they are still up by a few quid. Currently, you can get £15 more for a 64GB model than you would at the end of March. The higher capacity models haven’t undergone a significant increase like iPhone 8 models did. Merchants are offering up to 3 percent more than earlier this month.

Sell your Apple iPhone 8 Plus nowGet up to £66.50!

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

A great number of customers are looking to upgrade from the iPhone 7 making it the most popular handset on Compare and Recycle. Nevertheless, the iPhone SE announcement had a slightly negative impact on the recycling prices for iPhone 7 across all storage capacities with the 256GB retaining its price unchanged and lower capacities dropping by up to 3 percent. Sell your Apple iPhone 7 nowGet up to £20.00!

Displayed are recycling prices for an iPhone 7 256GB on 17/04/2020 at

The story with the iPhone 7 Plus however is more in your favour. Merchants are happy to pay 10% more for a 3 years old Plus model in the wake of the new iPhone SE release. The Plus models in working condition can save you up to £179 towards your upgrade.

Sell your Apple iPhone 7 Plus nowGet up to £36.00!

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus aren’t so lucky with trade-in prices dropping on average by £28 since the end of March. he both models are soon reaching the finish line of their resale value. The biggest drop came after the iPhone 6s 16GB, with merchants paying £30 less than 2 weeks ago. The 6s Plus models in working condition can earn you on average £84, so if you think it’s time to part with your 6s Plus, there might be no better time than now.

Sell your Apple iPhone 6s Plus nowGet up to £16.00!Sell your Apple iPhone 6s nowGet up to £16.00!

iPhone SE

The original iPhone SE was loved by many and Apple has finally treated it with an upgrade, so it is safe to say that the good old iPhone SE is approaching the end of its useful life. By taking advantage of select merchants pricing for your old iPhone SE, you can pocket yourself a few extra quid, although prices are significantly down in comparison to a few weeks ago. The 16GB model experienced the biggest drop of 40 percent and is currently being offered £30 for. The rest of the capacities are not far off and even for the 128GB variant without heavy wear and tear you can only pocket £42.


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