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Best Sustainable Phones 2024

Some mobile phone manufacturers are trying to offer more sustainable phones that are less detrimental to the environment, so it’s time to highlight these few ethically-minded options on the market.

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Save The Date: Galaxy Note 9 Unveiling On August 9

Invitations have been sent for Samsung's next Unpacked event which will take place in 40 days in New York City. What does official teaser tell us? A couple hours ago Samsung posted a

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Guide Toward Environmentally Sustainable Smartphones

There is no denying that smartphones are leading technological progress within the personal gadget space and have changed our daily lives significantly. While being packed with features and connectivity around the clock, smartphones are yet to become 100% sustainable. Everyone's aim should be to adopt a a mindset which focuses on the circularity of electronics in hopes of improving the ever-growing e-waste rates as well as influence a sustainable mobile phone and electronics industry. Let's find out what makes a phone sustainable, so we can guide you towards owning one.

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Tips To Outsmart Smartphone Shopping

You might consider yourself a savvy shopper, a bargain hunter able to spot a deal without squinting. But the hunt for the best deals never ends, and we have some great money saving

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You Snooze, You Lose: Time To Get The Most Money For Your iPhone

In the most comprehensive price tracking study that we have ever created, updated for 2023, we have looked at every iPhone recycling price since the iPhone 7 to understand what previous iPhone generations are worth now and how the iPhone 15 release will affect the value of older iPhones when you come to sell your iPhone.

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5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Phone From Overheating

While we are all aware how to keep ourselves cool, do you know that your phone needs protection from heat as well? We've got five tips to share, so your phone is protected from overheating in the summer.

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Phone Rental: Will You Save or Lose Money on a New Phone?

There are three ways you can get a phone these days: on a contract, buying outright or through renting it. But which one of these options isn't going to cost you a fortune? Let's find out!

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iphone se 2022

iPhone SE 2022 Environmental Report Review

Recent Apple event has brought another iPhone into the Apple smartphone family - third generation iPhone SE and we’re curious how its green credentials compare to its predecessors and iPhone 13 flagship series.

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Selection of Apple iPhone products

iPhone Lifecycle: What Is The Carbon Footprint of an iPhone

With global popularity of an iPhone comes Apple’s responsibility to produce devices that will not only be appealing to customers, but won’t be as damaging to the environment. So what exactly is the carbon footprint of an iPhone?

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Technician refurbishing a smartphone

How Sustainable Are Refurbished Phones?

There's a lot going in the wrong direction with how new smartphones are currently made and with refurbished phones growing in popularity, are they a more eco-friendly alternative to a brand new phone?

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How Can I Make The Purchase Of My New Phone More Earth-friendly?

Every year our smartphones become more advanced power houses infused with intelligence like never before. With companies releasing dozens of new phones per year to match any usability needs, smartphones become irreplaceable. So how can we make buying smartphones more eco-friendly?

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Going Green with Mobile Tech Does Not Mean Going Broke

Over the past few years, there have been concerns raised about the bottom-line of becoming a more sustainable consumer. When you hear 'going green', you may picture solar panel installations or electric car

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The Eco Smartphone Award 2018 Goes To...

Is it December already? Can't believe New Year is less than 2 weeks away and it is going to be a very exciting year with major changes in smartphones coming our way. 2018

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Inner components of an iPhone X

Buying Refurbished: iPhone X and Galaxy S8 Are Still a Popular Choice

Refurbished smartphones are an appealing choice in a number of ways. But what phones do people go for when buying refurbished in 2021?

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Best Refurbished Smartphones to Buy For Any Budget

If you’re like us and want a decent phone for less while making your upgrade a bit kinder to the environment, refurbished smartphones are where you want to be looking. They are gaining popularity and offer ‘like new’ functionality at a fraction of what you’d typically pay for a brand new device. Here are our top picks for any budget.

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Child holding a phone

Back To School: Best Phone For Kids 2023

These days, children will be looking for something modern that suits their needs and aptitude at using the latest technology. The youngest generations spend the most time browsing the internet on their phones, so as a parent you’ll want to purchase a device that enables them to embrace technology safely and effectively. Read on to find out our recommendations for the best first mobile phones for kids.

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Source: Samsung

How Much Can I Sell My Samsung Galaxy For?

There’s absolutely one thing that you should do before upgrading to one of the new Galaxy S24 smartphones and that is finding the best price to sell your current Samsung phone. Let’s find out just how much you can sell your Samsung Galaxy S23, S22, S21, S20 or S10 for.

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Google Pixel 5 on a green forest background

Google Pixel Environmental Reports

With the release of the new Pixel environmental report, we analyse Google's device specific environmental documentation to find out what steps they are taking to make their devices more sustainable and what they predict the total greenhouse gas emissions will be over the lifetime of the device.

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What's Inside My Phone?

Our phones are construction marvels. Complicated, smart and harmful to our environment if disposed of irresponsibly. Based on the global average, we check our phones every 16.5 minutes that's about 58 times per day.

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frustrated man holding a mobile phone with notification icons floating

Simple Ways To Power Down and Complete a Smartphone Detox in a Week

Taking care of yourself and your digital wellbeing in the era of smartphones is essential. These powerful gadgets are constantly calling for our attention and occasionally it's good to disconnect.

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robot disassembling a smartphone

Apple Environmental Report 2022: How Close Is Apple to Net Zero?

Apple has been on the journey to sustainability for more than a decade, and with the latest environmental report from Apple we take a look at the progress made to close the loop.

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