Do Sainsbury’s Recycle Mobile Phones?

Are Sainsbury’s Still Collecting Mobile Phones?

Many of us who have a local Sainsbury’s will be familiar with their recycling programme for mobile phones, which was later replaced by recycling banks in some stores. However, this scheme has stopped, so instead they are simply recommending that you recycle your devices for free at your local recycling centre.

If you want to get some money for your phone rather than taking it to a recycling centre, you can use Compare and Recycle to find the best price for your old device. We have over 30 different recycling companies, so can find a deal that suits your needs.

What Can I Do With My Old Mobile Phone?

On our site, we provide a comparison of a multitude of companies that are based in different regions of the UK that will buy your old phone. You can then either keep the money for something else or towards a new phone, which you can purchase on the Contracts or Refurbished phones sections of our site. Below are some of the most popular models to trade in on our site. If you have one of these phones, you could get a great deal:

Sell your Apple iPhone 7 nowGet up to £50.00!Sell your Apple iPhone 7 Plus nowGet up to £60.00!Sell your Apple iPhone 8 nowGet up to £90.00!Sell your Apple iPhone 8 Plus nowGet up to £110.00!

We accept many more phone models than just these, so look at our site to find out more.

Which Mobile Recycler to Use?

With more than 30 phone recycling companies to choose from, it might not be immediately obvious which one to go for. However, our comparison tool should make things easier. Depending on your preferences, you can filter options by price, payment method and payment period, and you can search reviews of each of these recycling companies online if you want to know what the experiences of other customers were. Having the option to browse many options from different parts of the UK will mean that you can make an informed decision.

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