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Charging Your Phone In 20 Minutes Might Soon Become a Reality

Lithium-ion batteries can’t keep up with modern electronics advancements and the world is ready for a battery revolution, a super-battery enhanced with a material known as graphene. We take a look at discoveries made by researchers and how graphene will solve the problem of aging and dangerous lithium-ion batteries as well as will breakthrough the development of foldable phones.

4 Min Read

[Updated] What's Happening With Huawei in 2020?

Should you get a Huawei or Honor device in 2020 while Huawei is embroiled in a trade war with the United States? We’re here to help you decide based on the facts.

3 Min Read

2020 Mobile Phone Trends: What To Look Out For

We take a look at smartphone industry trends in 2020 and talk about what changes are coming to smartphone designs and innovative features that we might see manufacturers include in their upcoming releases.

6 Min Read

Could January Be the Best Time to Sell your Samsung?

When is the best time to sell your Samsung phone? Our price data shows some interesting trends. Sit down S10e owners, we have some bad news.

2 Min Read

How To Find Out What Storage Capacity Your Phone Has

Before selling your phone, it is important to identify what storage capacity it has as it will determine, in part, the value of your phone. Here are the easiest ways you can find this information on both Android and iPhone.

2 Min Read

How To Identify What Phone You Have

If you're looking to sell your phone, knowing which device you have is very important as it is the main factor that will determine the value of your device. Check out this helpful guide and in a few easy steps you will be able to discover what phone you have.

3 Min Read

Best Apps for Achieving Your New Year's Resolutions in 2020

Here are our top five apps to help you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions in 2020.

5 Min Read

Best Phones of 2019

With 2019 coming to an end, now is the time to reveal what we deem to be the best smartphones of the year. These are the phones that have truly impressed us by surpassing our expectations of flagship devices. Read on to find out what our picks are.

6 Min Read

How to Have a Digital Detox This Christmas

Whether you want to stop using your phone completely or simply cut down, we’ll give you our top tips for making the most of your holiday by having what we like to call a ‘digital detox’, so that you can reconnect with what’s most important this Christmas.

5 Min Read

The Best Phones of the Decade

The twenty-teens are drawing to an end. We've witnessed countless mobile innovations and developments in the industry over the years, while at the same time our awareness of worldwide environmental damage has grown, and our impact on this planet has never been as closely scrutinised. Recycling is not just in our name, it's in our nature, so we have given some weight to this as we chose our best phones of the decade.

7 Min Read

Naughty or Nice: Which Smartphone Companies Are on the List in 2019?

After analysing the smartphone companies' successes and failures of the year, we have decided who deserves to be on the 'Nice' list, and who has been 'Naughty' in 2019. Read on to find out more.

8 Min Read

Top Five Refurbished Phone Deals This Christmas

Need an idea for a gift you can get a loved one this Christmas? This is an expensive time of year, so you will want to cut down on costs when you can. To do this, we would recommend buying a refurbished phone. Read on to find out more.

4 Min Read

Buying a Phone For Your Kids at Christmas

Many parents and guardians will be considering buying a first phone for their child for Christmas. With so many devices to choose from and with the questions that you might have about the process, a little guidance might help. Read on to find out our advice on which phones are the best first phones for kids.

6 Min Read

What's the Difference Between Android Versions?

If you want to know the differences between Android versions, then we have the guide for you. We look at what apps are available and how long it will take you to receive security and software updates on them as well as the experience as a whole.

3 Min Read

The Best Black Friday Sale Deals for Refurbished Phones on Amazon

Amazon’s greatly anticipated Black Friday sales event has begun, which is the perfect occasion for you to buy a new phone if the time has come to replace your old one. While there are lots of brand-new devices available to purchase on the Amazon website or app, we would recommend that you get a refurbished device if you want to save money and go for the more environmentally friendly option. Read on to find out our top deals for refurbished devices on Amazon.

4 Min Read

Green Tuesday Returns! Here's Why You Should Be Part Of It

During Black Friday weekend it can be easy to grab items that you will regret later and stockpile at home. Do not let shopping bonanza deter you from being that tiny bit more eco-conscious. Read on to find out why you should be doing Green Tuesday.

5 Min Read

How to Use Tech to Tackle Winter Blues

While the winter months can be a difficult time to stay motivated, there are ways to use your tech to help you to stay healthy. Read on to find out more.

5 Min Read

The RAZR Revived

So the rumours were true, at a fairly low key event in SOMEWHERE the Motorola RAZR was showcased to a group of tech enthusiasts. We have all the details now so let’s dive right in.

3 Min Read

How to Successfully Make Your Black Friday More Eco-Conscious and Less Harmful to the Environment

Black Friday can have an adverse impact on the environment, but there are ways that we can be mindful consumers and reduce our CO2 emissions, even while buying multiple items online. Read on to see what our recommendations entail.

3 Min Read
Google Pixel 5 on a green forest background

Google Pixel Environmental Reports

With the release of the new Pixel environmental report, we analyse Google's device specific environmental documentation to find out what steps they are taking to make their devices more sustainable and what they predict the total greenhouse gas emissions will be over the lifetime of the device.

4 Min Read

Five Scariest Facts About Your Smartphone

If you do not think smartphones are as frightening as the paranormal, you probably have not noticed what they are capable of or how they affect our thoughts, behaviour and health. We reveal our top five scariest facts about smartphones that will make your flesh crawl.

7 Min Read
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