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The iPhone 14 Series is Here and It's the Priciest iPhone Lineup Ever

iphone 14 and 14 plus models

The new iPhone 14 series is real. Apple showcased an impressive set of new products on September 7th, among which was the latest lineup of phones: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Apple is known for their sleek designs and seamless integration between hardware and software, but the latest iPhones mainly focus on safety features rather than innovative hardware. Additionally, this year, the company has dropped the Mini model of the iPhone introducing instead the iPhone 14 Plus. Against any prediction, camera updates do not seem to be the major changes in this new iPhone generation when comparing with previous handsets and just the Pro range stands out.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus Say Farewell to the iPhone 13 Mini

For a long time now, we have been accustomed to the fact that a new iPhone model brings some sort of improvement over the previous generation. However, this time the new flagship iPhone 14 doesn’t come with any advanced changes when compared to its predecessor.

Image: Apple

The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus share an A15 bionic chipset, exactly the same processor that powers the iPhone 13 with just slight improvements. In regards to display size, the iPhone 14 has the same display size as the iPhone 13 at 6.1 inches, whilst the iPhone 14 Plus has a larger screen at 6.7 inches. Therefore, it seems the only remarkable difference between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Plus is the display size. We are disappointed to notice that the new iPhone 14 and 14 Plus kept a 12MP main camera as did the iPhone 13.

Apple didn’t disclose battery capacities for the new lineup, but claims both iPhones have a longer battery life that can last a whole day on a single charge. Speaking from experience, it is unlikely Apple will give batteries a significant bump over 3240 mAh in the iPhone 13.

We didn’t think that the SIM tray would be on Apple’s “To remove” list this year, but US models will no longer feature a physical SIM tray relying solely on eSIM (digital SIM card). This move stirred up concerns among iPhone users in America given eSIM technology is yet to have strong presence worldwide and for frequent travellers eSIM isn’t the most convenient. For now European models are keeping the SIM tray meaning you will still be able to pop a physical SIM in the handsets sold in the UK, but it is likely this won’t be for long. Apart from the Plus model now reintroduced which is slightly bigger in size than the iPhone 14, there’s no major differences between the two and they are identical to the iPhone 13. This is worth keeping in mind if you were planning on switching to one of the non-Pro iPhone 14 models.

iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max: What's New?

There is no doubt that the newest iPhone 14 Pro models have a lot to offer in comparison with its predecessor. The traditional notch that first appeared on the iPhone X is now a pill-shaped cutout housed inside the display giving the iPhone a more modern look. The camera has been upgraded to offer better shots, as well as the latest A16 bionic chip is exclusive to the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models.

Dynamic Island

Many were pointing fingers at Apple for continuing with the notch design when everyone else has moved on to in-display front cameras. The once-mocked “notch” that contains the front-facing camera and FaceID is now a sleek cutout in the display and the most talked-about iPhone 14 Pro feature called “Dynamic Island'' which houses notifications and pop-up windows with smooth animated transitions allowing notifications to be kept on screen. Apple's latest iPhone 14 Pro models have an exclusive display that saves power by dropping down to an ultra-low refresh rate of 1Hz which dims the screen. Besides this, the Pro duo has also a low-power coprocessor which can run in sleep mode.

Source: Apple

There are a number of enhancements that we notice on the Pro series that are unavailable with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. If you're thinking about getting a new handset in the near future, then it may be worth investing in the new iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max rather than the standard models.

Improved shots on iPhone 14 Pro

The front camera of the iPhone 14 has introduced auto-focus capabilities for the first time, which helped to dramatically improve the quality of selfies that it was possible to produce. The iPhones also feature a larger light sensor which can produce high-quality low-light photographs.

The iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the first handsets in the iPhone line to feature a 48 MP main camera. This new camera will have a significant improvement and a few new features to make video capturing easier. The upgraded camera has a brighter flash, wide angle capability, and an action mode for video that helps to keep your motion shots clear. Possibly, this camera upgrade is one of the most notable features that made this model stand out from the iPhone 13.

Safety above new design in the iPhone 14 series

Unlike previous models, it seems that Apple has decided to put aside its attention to design and focus its USP for iPhone 14 series on safety. While the iPhone 14 doesn’t have any major changes to its appearance if comparing it with iPhone 12 or 13, it has a significant number of way-out security and health changes under the hood which it shares with both the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Image: Apple

A new “Emergency SOS” technology has been developed to help people (initially just in the United States and Canada) with a specially constructed directional antenna that allows users to send alerts to emergency services when they are in trouble especially in areas with low signal. However, it is unclear when this feature will be available in the UK. Additionally, the iPhone 14 series comes with another brand new safety feature “Crash Detection” that activates in the event of a car accident and will trigger emergency service arrival.

How much does iPhone 14 cost?

The Apple products have always been known for being expensive, and unfortunately, the iPhone 14 series will not be an exception as there’s a significant spike in retail price of iPhone 14 series over the iPhone 13 lineup. Prices range between £849 for an iPhone 14 and £1750 for an iPhone 14 Pro Max, with prices in the UK being higher than in the EU. With Apple upping the retail price across the board of iPhone 14 devices, it means that getting one of iPhone 14 will cost customers on average up to £175 more than last year.

iPhone 14 VS iPhone 13 Price in the UK

There’s a £170 difference between the starting prices of last year’s iPhone 13 128GB and the new iPhone 14 128GB.

CapacityiPhone 14 retail priceiPhone 13 retail priceDifference (£)

How much does iPhone 14 Plus cost in the UK?

The iPhone 14 Plus doesn’t have a direct predecessor from the 2021 iPhone lineup therefore it’s not comparable, however the iPhone 14 Plus starting price is £100 more expensive than the iPhone 14.

CapacityiPhone 14 Plus retail price

iPhone 14 Pro VS iPhone 13 Pro price in the UK

With hardware improvements over the iPhone 13 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro brings a price increase of £150 for the 128GB model and maxes out at £1649 for the 1TB variant.

CapacityiPhone 14 Pro retail priceiPhone 13 Pro retail priceDifference (£)

iPhone 14 Pro Max VS iPhone 13 Pro Max price in the UK

Similar to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most expensive phone in the 2022 iPhone lineup and the priciest iPhone ever costing on average £172 more than the 13 Pro Max range.

CapacityiPhone 14 Pro Max retail priceiPhone 13 Pro Max retail priceDifference (£)

Those who decide to purchase one of the new iPhone 14 models can already pre-order from Apple’s website. All of the handsets will be released on Friday, September 16th, with the exception being the iPhone 14 Plus which will come out on October 7th.

While there are many features that make the iPhone 14 Pro range tempting, the high price tag may be enough to deter consumers from buying this particular iPhone. If you’re due an upgrade we would recommend considering the last year’s model given that iPhone 13 and 14 share the same chipset and it is likely the experience with the iPhone 14 overall will be similar to iPhone 14. However, if you are determined to get one of iPhone 14 variants at any cost, it is worth getting either an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max due to significant improvements over 2021 Pro models. Whatever your choice will be, remember you can sell your used iPhone at Compare and Recycle to soften the blow at your bank account and do the right thing for the environment by making sure your iPhone is reused.

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