Three Reasons Why the iPhone 11 Should Be Your Next iPhone

Three Reasons Why the iPhone 11 Should Be Your Next iPhone

With smartphone prices skyrocketing in recent years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to justify spending money on a brand new device, especially since smartphones like Apple's upcoming iPhone 11 (or XI as it may be referred to as) are likely to be expensive. Many Apple users are opting instead to keep their older iPhone model for as long as possible to avoid having to spend an astronomical price on the latest phone in the Apple product portfolio.

However, there are still some notable advantages of getting the newest model which are definitely worth considering if the features discussed below are important to you (check out our round up of iPhone 11 speculations and rumours here).

1- Hardware Improvements


The iPhone 11 is rumoured to have a boost to the latest battery by up to 25%. This rumour was circulated by the notable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who has claimed that the new XS-sized model will get a 25% increase. The iPhone batteries for former models are notoriously short-lived, so you might want to consider this upgrade if you want an iPhone with a better battery life.

Another nifty feature that might convince you to upgrade is the iPhone 11's alleged wireless charging capability. In February, Kuo released a report in which he claimed that the iPhone 11 will be able to carry out 'reverse wireless charging'. This is essentially a smartphone's ability to transfer energy for battery life to another device without the need for any fussy cables or docking stations. If you do not have a charging cable to hand, this tech is very handy. iPhone 11 Pro rendered by EverythingApplePro


Not only is there the battery life to consider, but there is also the all-important processor which will power the iPhone 11 series. iPhones that were released in 2018 have an A12 Bionic chip which is a powerful processor as it is. Excitingly, Apple are expected to be replacing this processor with one that is even more impressive. In May this year, a Bloomberg report was published which claimed that Apple was about to start producing the next iterations of their processors which are likely to be known as either the 'A12X' or the 'A13' processor.


The pièce de résistance of the iPhone 11 is its rumoured triple rear camera set-up which is highly anticipated. These cameras will supposedly feature 3D sensing capabilities and stereoscopic vision, which would allow Apple to have a device which could finally compare to reputable camera phones that are currently enjoying success in the smartphone market. If you are a phone photography aficionado, then the iPhone 11 could be an excellent choice for you.

If you want to find out more about the smartphones that Apple would be competing against with the iPhone 11, click here. From left to right: iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max dummy models. Source: MKBHD/Youtube

2- Future-proofing

If you get an iPhone 11 when they are released this year, it ought to serve you up to five years, thanks to Apple's consistent iOS support. Apple regularly updates all compatible devices with the latest software improvements, keeping your iPhone protected against potential security issues and adding new and useful features to your device. Furthermore, keeping your phone for longer is better for the environment as well as your wallet. This is definitely an important feature to consider if you are thinking about getting the latest model.    

3- Selling Your Old Phone

If you are seriously considering the iPhone 11,  you can resell your older iPhone through our website. Our merchants are currently boosting their offer prices, so if you act quickly, you can secure a higher price for your iPhone. The money that you will receive can go towards the iPhone 11, which will cut the costs down. Take a look at the table below to see how much your iPhone is worth.

DeviceReleasedPrice change since July (%)Current trade-in price
iPhone XS Max 512GBSeptember 20185%£735*
iPhone XS Max 256GBSeptember 20183%£700*
iPhone XS Max 64GBSeptember 201812%£635*
iPhone XS 512GBSeptember 20189%£690*
iPhone XS 256GBSeptember 20187%£650*
iPhone XS 64GBSeptember 20182%£575*
iPhone XR 256GBOctober 20189%£535*
iPhone XR 128GBOctober 201820%£518*
iPhone XR 64GBOctober 20187%£456*
iPhone X 256GBNovember 2017-2%£480*
iPhone X 64GBNovember 20176%£452*
iPhone 8 Plus 256GBSeptember 2017-2%£370*
iPhone 8 Plus 64GBSeptember 20171%£328*
iPhone 8 256GBSeptember 2017-5%£315*
iPhone 8 64GBSeptember 20170%£274*
iPhone 7 Plus 256GBSeptember 201612%£253*
iPhone 7 Plus 128GBSeptember 2016-12%£233*
iPhone 7 Plus 32GBSeptember 20161%£210*
iPhone 7 256GBSeptember 2016-7%£172*
iPhone 7 128GBSeptember 2016-7%£172*
iPhone 7 32GBSeptember 2016-18%£136*
iPhone SE 128GBMarch 2016-18%£73*
iPhone SE 64GBMarch 2016-28%£62*
iPhone SE 32GBMarch 201625%£60*
iPhone SE 16GBMarch 20161%£52*
iPhone 6s Plus 128GBSeptember 20151%£144*
iPhone 6s Plus 64GBSeptember 2015-6%£135*
iPhone 6s Plus 32GBSeptember 20150%£131*
iPhone 6s Plus 16GBSeptember 201521%£119*
iPhone 6s 128GBSeptember 2015-6%£107*
iPhone 6s 64GBSeptember 2015-7%£105*
iPhone 6s 32GBSeptember 2015-5%£90*
iPhone 6s 16GBSeptember 20153%£85*
iPhone 6 Plus 128GBSeptember 2014-10%£102*
iPhone 6 Plus 64GBSeptember 2014-12%£97*
iPhone 6 Plus 32GBSeptember 201414%£80*
iPhone 6 Plus 16GBSeptember 2014-7%£87*
iPhone 6 128GBSeptember 2014-2%£76*
iPhone 6 64GBSeptember 2014-26%£75*
iPhone 6 32GBSeptember 2014-14%£65*
iPhone 6 16GBSeptember 20141%£60*

*Prices correct on 02/09/2019 at 10:40am

While the iPhone 11 is likely to be expensive, there are a number of advantages which are worth considering if your budget extends that far and you are not happy with your current phone. Do not forget that you should trade-in and recycle your older iPhone first if you want to get the best deal while also doing your bit for the environment.

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