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Which Phones Have the Best Cameras?

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Whether your camera is used primarily for taking selfies or for capturing shots of stunning landscapes and views, having a camera that can deliver a crystal clear image is imperative in today’s world. From night photography capabilities to impressive zoom, if you want a phone that offers the best of the best in terms of photo and video capabilities, then take a look at our top five recommendations. With one of these smartphones with the best cameras, you’ll be snapping quality content in no time!

1. Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

From £1,249

For the Samsung phone with the best camera, look no further than the Galaxy S24 Ultra, a device with the most megapixels on a Galaxy smartphone. With 12MP on the selfie camera and four rear-facing cameras with 200MP, 50MP, 12MP and 10MP, you can capture images that look like they’ve been taken with your eyes.

With features including Samsung’s Nightography, the new ProVisual engine that recognises objects to improve colours and details, as well as being able to zoom up to 100x. Groundbreaking AI features allow for easy editing such as relocating objects and magically filling the space left behind. The learning-based AI Zoom adds background detail no matter how far you’ve gone and a Super HDR upgrade so you can see exactly how your photo will look before it’s even taken.

It’s not just photos, your videos will be taken to the next level too. Instant Slow-mo means you can automatically slow down footage to create cinematic masterpieces, whilst the 1.6x larger pixels and a wider Tele OIS mean your videos are much brighter. 

If you fancy upgrading to the latest Galaxy phone, why not sell your Samsung to help balance the costs? 

2. iPhone 15 Pro

From £999

Hosting the most powerful iPhone camera to date, the iPhone 15 Pro boasts multiple focal lengths, a 48MP Main camera and the longest optical zoom of any iPhone ever at 5x. The advanced quad‑pixel sensor in the Main camera allows you to capture low-light photos without compromising on the details, whilst you can also choose from 24mm, 28mm or 35mm lenses.

A key feature of the latest iPhone is the Photonic Engine in Portrait Mode, allowing you to continuously zoom with zero shutter lag. Plus, portraits are now Live Photos too. Want a strong selfie game? The TrueDepth camera uses the latest Smart HDR, Night mode and portrait enhancements to create headshot-worthy images. 

Videos have also had a swift improvement in the iPhone 15 Pro, Cinematic mode will automatically shift focus whilst Action mode steadies to capture moving shots with ease. 

This is undoubtedly the iPhone with the best camera and for those who are loyal to Apple but also want stellar photography, the iPhone 15 Pro is the go-to choice. If you want to get your hands on the latest model, sell your current iPhone to go towards the cost. 

3. Google Pixel 8 Pro

From £999

With the best Pixel camera to date thanks to a 50MP main, 48MP ultrawide, 48MP telephoto and 10.5MP front camera, the Google Pixel 8 Pro offers great photo and video capture capabilities. The upgraded large main sensor tackles low-light photos, whilst Pro controls allow for advanced camera settings like shutter speed and ISO.

Another reason this is the Google phone with the best camera is that it has Night Sight and Astrophotography, so you can take quality footage no matter the time of day. Magic Editor makes removing unwanted background objects a breeze and group photos are taken to the next level thanks to Pixel's Best - a feature that takes multiple photos at once so if someone has their eyes closed you can tap their face and change it to a moment before.

Google AI changes the game regarding videography with the Audio Magic Eraser removing unwanted background noise. The Video Boost feature will automatically adjust lighting, colour and clarity too.

4. OnePlus 12

From £849

Featuring four cameras, the OnePlus 12 has a Pro Hasselblad camera with Sony’s LYT-808 main sensor. A 50MP wide camera, 48MP ultra-wide camera, 64MP periscope telephoto camera and 32MP front camera, makes this the best camera on a OnePlus phone yet.

Take crystal clear portraits with the 70mm lens and 120x digital zoom, whilst Master Mode means you can capture professional-looking photos. Enhanced light and show features enable shadow rendering and the latest ALC anti-glare coating with higher FWC ensures razor-sharp imagery. 

Multi Autofocus, Smart Scene Recognition, Nightscape and Retouch are just a few of the core camera features the OnePlus 12 has. Videography has not been overlooked either as you can capture 8K video at 24 fps and 4K video footage at 30/60 fps, whilst Ultra Steady allows you to film even the fastest of action shots.

Recycle and sell your old OnePlus phone to fund your next one and take photos and videos that are better than ever before.

5. Google Pixel 7a

From £449

The successor to the Pixel 6a, the Google Pixel 7a has impressive camera qualities for a great value. Google phones take photo editing to the next level. The Pixel 7a features Google Tensor G2's advanced image processing, so you can take pictures in low light, fix blurry photos and erase unwanted objects.

The rear camera has 64 MP and up to 8x Super Res Zoom as well as an ultra-wide camera with a 120° field of view, whilst the front camera has 13 MP. Features include Night Sight to capture clear imagery in the dark, Super Res Zoom to get shots of even the farthest distances and Long Exposure for artsy professional-grade photography. 

It takes 4K videos and the Cinematic Pan feature allows Slo-mo video support up to 240 FPS,  Astrophotography timelapse and digital zoom up to 5x. If you want a phone with a top-spec camera, but without the top price then the Pixel 7a is for you.

It may be no surprise that the phones with the best cameras are the most recent models and therefore, the most expensive. To help the environment (and your wallet), sell your mobile phone today and put the cash towards your dream device. If you want to upgrade your current phone camera, but can’t quite justify the price tags of the latest models, why not consider a refurbished camera phone?


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