Google Pixel 8 Duo: Never Take a Bad Picture Again With The Help Of AI

Image of the announcement of the new Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro smartphones

The annual Made By Google 2023 Event gave us a glimpse into what their plans are for the future of AI within Google’s smartphone technology. From AI features being integrated into Google wearables to enhancing your group images so that the final picture includes the best expressions from each individual in the image. We think that the Google Pixel 8, Google Pixel 8 Pro and the Google Pixel Watch 2 will be game changers and a fantastic addition to the Pixel family. If you’re thinking about buying your next smartphone or wearable, keep reading to find out why these new devices should be on your shortlist.

In This Article:

Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro - Impressive AI Advancements

Find out how the new Tensor G3 chip brings improvement to camera, editing, Clear Calling and Call Screen features.

Google Pixel Watch 2 - A Holistic Take On Your Health

Learn about how your watch can detect mood changes as well as keep you safe.

Pixel Buds Pro With AI Features

The latest Google Pixel earbuds now incorporate AI to further enhance user experience especially when you’re in a busy place.

Google Home Got A Whole Lot Better - Especially When Not Home

Google has developed a way for you to easily keep an eye on your home whilst being away.

Magic Editor

Another cool feature is Magic Editor where you can simply tap or circle an object to move or resize it. This tool even uses generative AI to recreate the background when you move things around to ensure a coherent final image. And if you're still not 100% satisfied with the background, it also lets you tweak it with presets.

Magic Editor is smart enough to suggest tweaks based on lighting and the background of an image offering you a bunch of different edits to pick from. We think this is a pretty good feature and with so many smartphone users relying on their phone for high quality images and videos, this will surely go down well for Pixel users.

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Magic Eraser

The new Pixel 8 series also has a Magic Eraser feature which removes unwanted objects and Photo Unblur to fix blurs in an image. Google said that the new Pixel 8 Pro will have an improved version of Magic Eraser, which will let users remove larger objects from the image as well as in video. This makes it a much easier process when trying to take the perfect picture on holiday.

Google Pixel Watch 2 - A Holistic Take On Your Health

The new Google Pixel Watch 2 takes your health and safety to a new level especially as it includes features that focus more on wellbeing and has been highly anticipated as a follow-up to last year’s release. Let’s start with the fact that it has 24 hours of usage on a single charge as well as a quad-core CPU for a smoother performance. It also offers a quick 12-hour charge in just 30 minutes which is good news for those with busy lives.

With its multipath sensor, it can provide more accurate heart rate readings, and it even goes the extra mile by detecting stress levels, allowing you to log your mood and gain insights into managing stress. Another good feature of the Google Watch 2, is that it’s designed to keep you safe by providing real-time alerts whilst you’re out and about. You can set a timer, and if you don't reach your destination within that time frame, the watch automatically shares your location with emergency contacts.

Pixel Buds Pro With AI Features

The latest Pixel Buds Pros are equipped with AI features too that work to improve the way we experience audio, especially in noisy environments. Just as the Apple AirPods Pro 2, the Pixel Buds Pro also includes voice-enhancing when on a call. Thanks to Bluetooth super wideband technology, voices will come through clear, making conversations as natural as if you were right there in person. And if you're listening to music and a call comes in, the Pixel Buds Pro's Transparency mode will reduce the music volume as soon as you start talking, so you can chat without struggling to turn off your music!

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Google Home Got A Whole Lot Better - Especially When Not Home

With this latest AI integration, Google Home has become a great tool which seamlessly simplifies home activity and notifications, allowing users to effortlessly catch up on what they've missed without the hassle of scrolling through endless notifications and feeds.

One feature that caught our attention is Google Home's ability to track deliveries. This means that if you’re away on holiday and know that you were due to receive a package on a particular day, then you can ask Google whether it was successfully delivered and it will respond by displaying an image of the delivery driver standing at your doorstep with the awaited parcel, complete with a precise timestamp. Basically your own virtual assistant saving you time in the long run! So, if you’re looking for a quick way to simplify your daily routine or just keep a close eye on your home whilst you’re away, then these updates are for you.

The Final Thoughts

We think that Google has definitely made a leap in comparison to what was announced in the Apple event but is this really surprising? It will be interesting to see how these innovations will be received by Google customers and whether any other tech brands will follow in their footsteps when it comes to the incorporation of AI in smartphones.


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