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iPhone 13 Latest Leaks and News about Release Date

A comprehensive roundup of the leaks and rumours surrounding the upcoming iPhone 13 launch, including features, specifications and dates.

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Inner components of an iPhone X

Buying Refurbished: iPhone X and Galaxy S8 Are Still a Popular Choice

Refurbished smartphones are an appealing choice in a number of ways. But what phones do people go for when buying refurbished in 2021?

4 Min Read

iOS 14.5 Update: New Features and Privacy Control Tool

The latest iOS update is available to download and here are the main features coming to your iPhone and iPad.

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Key rings for AirTag

Apple AirTag: Everything You Should Know

Apple AirTags are official and available to order, but there are still so many questions around them. Read on if you want to know how does AirTag work, how much it costs, what iPhones is it compatible with and more.

5 Min Read

Apple 2021 Environmental Report: What Progress Is Apple Making On Its Sustainability Journey?

Apple has released its environmental report for fiscal year 2020 and we summarise the highlights and achievements Apple reports on.

4 Min Read

Apple “Spring Loaded” Event 2021 Highlights

Apple hosted its virtual April event revealing updates to iPhone 12, iMac, iPad and making the long-anticipated AirTag official.

3 Min Read
An image of the new ASUS ROG 5 gaming phone on a galaxy background

Best Gaming Phones 2021

We take a look at best gaming phones of 2021 and what you can get for your money. Featuring the ASUS ROG, the New Black Shark and more!

6 Min Read
LTPO OLED panel featured on the OnePlus 9 Pro

Understanding LTPO Displays: What Is It and Why Are They So Good?

We're taking a deep dive into LTPO displays to help understand what is behind the technology and its benefits for smartphones.

4 Min Read
Red bluetooth speaker in pool

What Are the Best Bluetooth Speakers?

We’ll be outlining our recommendations for the best bluetooth speakers currently available on the market that are low in cost but high in sound quality.

3 Min Read

OnePlus 9 Series: OnePlus Just Dropped Their Next Big Flagships

Find out what the new OnePlus 9 series bring to the table and what OnePlus have achieved in partnership with Hasselblad.

2 Min Read
Woman walking on street with cars

How To Do Emergency Call Shortcuts on Mobile Phones

This article will outline how to enable emergency call shortcuts on mobile phones, which can be a useful feature to have if you ever feel that you’re in a dangerous situation.

5 Min Read

Finding Colour with the Oppo Find X3

The Oppo Find X3 is hitting the UK market exclusively with Vodafone, so you will want to know what makes the Find X3 special if you are going to drop over a grand on it.

6 Min Read
Woman sitting in front of mountains

National Day of Unplugging

Why not take the time to unplug from your devices? Read on to find out how.

4 Min Read
Source: Huawei

Mate X2: Huawei’s Third Foldable Phone is Official

Huawei has officially announced the Mate X2- its third generation of foldable smartphone, and we take a look at the design improvements, features and specifications.

3 Min Read
Elderly couple using laptop

The 70+ Age Group in the UK Has Been Using Technology Like Never Before

We asked a selection of people in the 70+ age group about their relationship to technology to see how the pandemic has changed their tech consumption habits.

5 Min Read

What Is GaN Technology and Why Is It the Next Big Thing for Smartphones

We’ve reached the point where components made of silicon such as transistors are as good as they’ll probably get to match our growing demand for high performance. Thankfully, research proves that gallium nitride is far more superior in properties and is on track to replace silicon in electronics. Let's discuss GaN's benefits and application methods in smartphones.

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a collage of mobile phones

The Best Budget Phones under £500

Cheap phones these days don't mean worse as they offer a lot for the price, making it even more attractive. Here are the very best budget smartphones £500 can buy.

3 Min Read
Love heart in red glitter on a pink background

Valentine's Day Tech Gifts For Him

Looking for a Valentine's Day gift? We've got some great suggestions that will make your partner happy this Sunday.

2 Min Read
a collage of smartphones with Galaxy S23, iPhone SE Gen 3 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro Plus

Best Mid-range Smartphones: Top 5 Picks for 2024

Many of the high-end feature sets made their way to mid-range phones in the past year, making these top five picks worth considering if you’re looking for a decent mid-range smartphone that doesn’t cost a fortune in 2024.

4 Min Read

Try These Relaxation Activities For Free

It is crucial to find a moment in your day to unwind, relax and recharge. We've picked a few free relaxation activities that you can do to help you reduce your anxiety and stress.

2 Min Read

Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra: What’s New in the Latest Galaxy Flagship Series?

Samsung has announced its new S21 series and we take a look at what's changed in the latest Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra.

5 Min Read
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