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Phone Rental: Will You Save or Lose Money on a New Phone?

There are three ways you can get a phone these days: on a contract, buying outright or through renting it. But which one of these options isn't going to cost you a fortune? Let's find out!

5 Min Read

The Nothing Phone 1: Nothing Special for £399

Let’s take a look at a newcomer to the smartphone world - the Nothing Phone 1.

3 Min Read

What Is DPD Collection and How It Works?

We've launched collection service in partnership with DPD to offer our customers a quick and easy way to sell their devices. Learn how DPD collection works when you sell your device through Compare and Recycle.

2 Min Read

EU's Regulation Mandates a Single Universal Charger by 2024

At the moment, it is necessary to have individual charging cable for every gadget we own. However EU's new regulation aims to change that. Here's what the new requirement is about and what it means for electronics industry.

4 Min Read

What's In Store for iOS 16?

Apple has previewed iOS 16 features at WWDC event, however it won’t be available for download until September 2022. But while we wait it's a perfect time to go over what to expect from iOS 16 and which iPhones will enjoy the new software update.

4 Min Read

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Phone Cases

Looking for an eco-friendly case for your iPhone or Android? We’ve reviewed various phone case brands to find out what are the best eco-friendly phone cases and here are our six recommendations for ethical smartphone cases and where to buy them.

6 Min Read
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Compare and Recycle Has a New Logo!

After months of hard work and constant refinements, it’s exciting to finally unveil our new logo. Take a look!

2 Min Read
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Apple Environmental Report 2022: How Close Is Apple to Net Zero?

Apple has been on the journey to sustainability for more than a decade, and with the latest environmental report from Apple we take a look at the progress made to close the loop.

5 Min Read
iphone se 2022

iPhone SE 2022 Environmental Report Review

Recent Apple event has brought another iPhone into the Apple smartphone family - third generation iPhone SE and we’re curious how its green credentials compare to its predecessors and iPhone 13 flagship series.

3 Min Read
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The Galaxy S22 Lineup: First Impressions, Software Support and More

Samsung’s Unpacked Event brought the new generation of Galaxy S lineup with three flagship models: The Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra. Let's talk about what the latest Galaxy S flagships have to offer.

4 Min Read

Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone Gifts for Christmas

Christmas around the corner, we want to buy gifts that don't have a detrimental effect on the planet, so why not choose carbon neutral, biodegradable and long lasting products this year. We have some recommendations here for you.

6 Min Read

Apple Self Repair Service: Will They Do it Right?

Apple has announced the launch of the Self Service Repair program which is rolling out from 2022 in the US and expanding into other countries later that year. Is the long fought battle over Right to Repair coming to an end? That’s definitely something every repair advocate is thinking right now, but while it’s a bit early to celebrate victory, it is undoubtedly a fantastic first step from Apple and it is going to be a brilliant initiative if Apple do it right.

6 Min Read
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Is The Fairphone 4’s Long Lasting Warranty Sustainable?

Fairphone 4 has been released and if you buy it before the new year, you can get 5 years warranty, does that make it worth it? Does that make it more sustainable? Here at Compare and Recycle we love to scrutinise these types of claims. Read on to find out what we think.

6 Min Read

iPhone 13 Environmental Reports Reviewed

Let's take a read of the Apple Environmental Reports

4 Min Read
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Buying a Brand-New Phone Doesn't Make Sense Anymore and Here's Why

Read on why we think that upgrading to a brand-new phone no longer makes sense.

3 Min Read

World Water Week: How Much Water Does Your Smartphone Use?

We have a guest post here from a talented and passionate writer Olivia Wood that wanted to talk about water usage in mobile phones and tech in time for World Water Week that starts on the 23rd of August.

4 Min Read
iphone 13/12s pro max

iPhone 13: What It Will Be Like?

Several details about the upcoming iPhone 13 range have emerged over the past months and we have a somewhat clear understanding of what the latest iPhone lineup will be like.

3 Min Read
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Mobile Phone Repair Guide: Ways to Fix a Broken Phone

Repairing a broken phone can be a costly affair, but it is definitely worth it from environmental standpoint. If you're considering a mobile phone repair, comparing repair options is crucial to make sure you're getting the right service for your money. In this article we explore repairs of common smartphone damages and guide you through repair options available to you.

10 Min Read
iphone with overheating message warning in the hands of a woman

5 Simple Tips to Protect Your Phone From Overheating

While we are all aware how to keep ourselves cool, do you know that your phone needs protection from heat as well? We've got five tips to share, so your phone is protected from overheating in the summer.

4 Min Read
hand holding iPhone iOS 15 logo

Overview of the New iOS 15 Features

iOS 15 is going to bring a number of tweaks to already existing and loved applications as well as a few key features that are going to make our digital lives easier. iOS 15 is expected to roll out to devices starting from iPhone 6s and newer some time in September following the release of the iPhone 13 lineup.

4 Min Read
HarmonyOS logo

Huawei’s HarmonyOS 2 is Here to Rival Android and iOS

HarmonyOS 2 will be powering devices including phones, tablets, TVs, smartwatches and wearables and is coming to an extensive list of older generations of Huawei and Honor devices. Let's talk about HarmonyOS compatibility, relation to Android and availability of Google Services.

3 Min Read
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