Does Tesco Mobile Recycle Mobile Phones?

Do Tesco Recycle Mobile Phones?

In the UK, most of us are familiar with Tesco, as they are a global enterprise with a range of grocery and retail stores that dominate the UK market. Tesco Mobile used to have a recycling programme for old mobile phones known as Tesco Mobile Recycling, which has since been replaced with Tesco Mobile Trade-In. This is where you send in your new device so that you can buy a new one from Tesco.

What Can I Do With My Old Mobile Phone?

If you do not want to use Tesco to trade in your old phone for a new one, Compare and Recycle provides a comprehensive list of companies that will buy your old mobile phone from you instead. This gives you far more choice and enables you to browse deals from across the UK. You can either keep the money that the recycler will pay you, or you use it to buy a new device, rather than having to trade it in.

Below are some of the most popular models to trade in on our site. If you have one of these phones, you could get a great deal:

iPhone 7:

iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 8:

iPhone 8 Plus:

We accept many more phone models than just these, so look at our site to find out more.

What Are the Benefits of Using Our Site?

As well as the clear financial benefit of recycling your phone using one of the recyclers on our site, by keeping your device in circulation, you will be preventing a device from getting left to become e-waste on a landfill site. Instead, it will become a working phone for a new person. This is a much more sustainable model that keeps working components in use and not wasted.

Which Mobile Phone Recycler Should I Use?

We have more than 30 recyclers on our site that you can choose from, and the company that you choose well depend on how you want to receive payment, the price and the payment period (i.e. how many days you will have to wait to get paid).

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