2019 Will Be An Exciting Year For Phones And Here Is Why

2019 Will Be An Exciting Year For Phones And Here Is Why

New Year is fast approaching and let's take a look at 2019 phone trends we can expect.

O-shaped Display Camera Cutout

Manufacturers' desire to offer all-screen phones with as narrow bezels as possible started back in 2017. Samsung released its Galaxy S8 series with Infinity displays, Apple went completely different route and notched its iPhone X making many Android phone makers to copy the cutout and make the notch a must have on their products.

2019 is going to be notch-less. We can't speak for Apple, but Android market definitely. At Samsung's Developer Conference the tech giant confirmed it's ready to to move on from bezels with its future Infinity-O display design.

The Infinity-O will deliver crazy screen to body ratio and it's possible with a new technology that hides the selfie camera in display leaving a tiny hole on the display. We're not sure if the selfie camera top left position is the one Samsung will go ahead with, but as long as there's no notch who cares, right?

Such screen design is making Samsung fans obsessed and we've seen some really stunning renders out there. Isn't it ????

But excitement aside, Samsung might have Huawei stepping on its toes. There were Huawei posters spotted in the wild suggesting that the company is ready to introduce its next smartphone with a hole in the screen as early as next month. Your move, Samsung!

In-Display Fingerprint Readers

With all the bezel-less screens there's no room left for built-in fingerprint sensors and they are finally moving under the display. Vivo pioneered this technology early this year and looks like the tech is ready to become mainstream in 2019. In short, the fingerprint reader will consist of three sensors biometric, touch and illumination for the reader to perform scans and unlock the device within miliseconds. We're yet to discover whether the sensor on 2019 phones will be in one dedicated area or the entire display will be the sensor so you can unlock your phone wherever you place your fingertip.


After Samsung's announcements a few weeks ago, it is safe to say that foldable phones are happening. Samsung has a foldable phone in the works and they claim that the technology is there for it to be available for purchase next year. Although, the final product is going to be costly. But that's what you expect sort of for the breakthrough technology. Samsung Galaxy F concept by LetsGoDigital

In the beginning of 2017, Motorola hinted that the company is working on its own phone with foldable screen. Lots of concept videos followed up like the one below showcasing the information from filed patent and drawings by Motorola. So a Motorola Razr V4 that unfolds into a tablet in 2019 makes sense for us here at Compare and Recycle.

With LG's leadership in roll up and foldable displays, the company is also preparing a smartphone with flexible screen technology, a filed patent suggests. The document details two different potential designs where one model features a camera setup placed on the back and the second model hints at dedicated screen section on the front when folded to display notifications and time. Wait for 2019 and see what form factor LG is going to release its foldable mobile device.

Huawei and Apple have a modern version of a flip phone up their sleeves too. Apple's patent from November 2017 doesn't have any imagery included but iPhone maker might surprise us all and launch an iPhone that unfolds into an iPad. In October last year, Huawei's CEO confirmed all rumours that Huawei branded flexible smartphone is coming. Unlike, the rest of manufacturer's mentioned above, a device from Huawei might come in a form of a book with hinge in the middle that is going to connect two screens.

Triple+ Camera Setups

While having a dual camera setup seems a norm nowadays, Huawei's third camera addition on P20 Pro device levelled the smartphone photography game up and kickstarted a new trend. This year we've seen mobile phones with quadruple camera lenses, for example Samsung A9 with depth sensor, telephoto sensor, wide-angle sensor and a 24MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture.  

Samsung Galaxy A9

Industry sources suggest that LG might unveil a phone with 16 lenses in a 4x4 setup on the rear for 3D mapping and AR experiences.


Last but not least, fifth network generation is upon us and manufacturers are working on devices that will be 5G compatible. This needs new modems and chips that are currently in development and rumour has it we'll see a Galaxy S10 5G unveiled at Mobile World Congress. Next year's flagships from OnePlus, LG, Sony, Apple and Huawei will be equiped with 5G.

Wrap up

We expect these 5 major trends to overtake the market in 2019. Obviously, we'll see more phones with water-drop notches thrown in the mix and devices with pop up cameras and rear displays housing camera setups. Tell us which trend you're most excited about and if it's a game changer that will push you to upgrade next year?

Cover image credits: Samsung, Ben Geskin, Vivo



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