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Google Pixel 7 Pro

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How to sell my Pixel 7 Pro?

Pixel 7 Pro once was the latest smartphone from Google and was the best Android could offer at the time. But, like with all smartphones, new generations get released replacing once innovative features with something more outstanding. If you found yourself looking for an upgrade, the only place you need to look at to sell your Pixel 7 Pro is Compare and Recycle.

Our featured recyclers will offer cash for your old Pixel and even pay for postage! In a few clicks you can easily compare prices on offer and find the recycler that suits you best. We’ll ask you for a few details to lock your quote in and you can put your feet up.

When is the best time to sell my Pixel 7 Pro?

When you have an old phone on your hands, there’s no point delaying the sale as it will only lose you money. Smartphones are depreciating heavily every year, so if you know you are not going to hand down your Pixel 7 Pro or use it, it’s a sign to sell it. To save yourself even more money, our rule of thumb is to plan the sale as soon as you’ve had your new phone delivered. If you’re lucky for your upgrade to fall before the new generation of Google Pixel phones gets released, you can expect the prices to be slightly higher.

What do I need to do before selling my Pixel 7 Pro?

Once you’ve placed your order on Compare and Recycle, it’s time to prepare your Pixel 7 Pro for sale. This includes creating a backup of your data, removing your cloud accounts and running a factory reset. We’ve put a step-by-step guide to ensure your Pixel 7 Pro is wiped clean and ready for sale.

What will happen after I recycle my Pixel 7 Pro?

If you took good care of your Pixel 7 Pro, your phone is likely to undergo a refurbishment. Upon receipt of your phone the recycler will run a few hardware and software tests to determine if, for example, the battery needs replacing or if any wear and tear can be polished off. This is called refurbishment where professional technicians perform repairs and assessment to bring the phone back to the quality standard of refurbished phones. In case your phone is beyond economic repair, it will be dismantled for parts and smaller components to use in refurbishment of other Pixel devices.

Can I sell my broken Pixel 7 Pro?

Cracked screen, damaged camera lens or faulty fingerprint sensor. We’ve all had that unlucky moment at least once when the phone did not survive. The good news is that you can still sell it to one of our recyclers and earn a pretty penny. In order to see which recycler is accepting broken Pixel 7 Pro, choose the condition ‘Broken’ before comparing prices. This way you will find the best price for your broken Pixel 7 Pro.

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