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Google are a relatively new player in the smartphone industry compared to smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. They have released devices which fall within the mid-range price bracket up to the premium price range of almost reaching the £1000 mark in 2019.

The Google Pixel 4 for example was £669 for the 64GB version, which is the same as Samsung’s lower cost Galaxy S10e from its Galaxy S10 series. While Google smartphones are not the most expensive products on the market, why not get a lower price phone if you can? This is where buying a refurbished Pixel can save you money.

Buying a refurbished Google Pixel from our selection of different models means you could save up to half of the device’s original cost, and it is an option which is more environmentally friendly than simply buying the latest Google device. Getting a refurbished Pixel means that you are reducing the reliance on unmined earth resources and doing your bit for your pocket and the environment.


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