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Google Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 Pro



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How Do I Sell my Google Pixel 6 Pro?

When selling your Google Pixel 6 Pro, the surefire best way to get the most money for it is to compare trade-in offers with Compare and Recycle. When you come to upgrade your device, we compare all the different merchants offering prices for your device, so all you need to do is choose them based on their price, star rating and other factors. Once you have selected a merchant, they will either send you a pack to send your phone back, you can arrange to send it off yourself (this is usually more expensive) or some of our merchants even offer a collection service that will collect the device form your day from only 1 working day. Once they have your device, they will check it over, mark down for any scuffs or marks and then offer you a price, or just pay the initial offer price.

Best time to sell your Pixel 6 Pro

Pixel 6 Pro is a great phone, but if the time came to upgrade, act early to get the most money when selling your Pixel 6 Pro. Once you have ordered a new phone, go to Compare and Recycle and lock the trade-in value for your Pixel 6 Pro (the majority of our recyclers offer 14 day quote lock-ins). While waiting for your new phone to be delivered, back up your photos and all the important bits from your old phone ready to be sold to one of our recyclers. Once you receive your new phone, send your old one off for sale while your quote is locked in. Prices go down every day which means delaying the sale will lose you money.

Can I sell my Broken Google Pixel 6 Pro?

Even if your Pixel 6 Pro is broken, you shouldn't think there's no value in it and still go out of your way to recycle it to avoid polluting the environment. All you need to do is pick condition ‘Broken’ on our site before comparing prices to sell your Pixel 6 Pro. We will instantly provide you with the best offers so you can easily recycle your broken Pixel and get paid for it.

Keep in mind that if your device has been water damaged, then you should contact the recycler you've decided to sell it to in order to confirm whether they accept devices with water damage or find this information in their T&Cs.

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