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How Do I Sell my Pixel 5?

When you are coming to the end of the contract or you feel it’s the right time to upgrade your phone, you want to compare prices to sell your old Pixel 5 by checking all the different recyclers that want to buy that phone off you. The easiest way to do this is to look at all the prices available on Compare and Recycle. Our customers get the best price, have the best service and are doing the best thing for the environment by trading in their old Pixel 5. Our recyclers will then either send you a freepost pack so you can post the device off yourself from your local post office or select recyclers are offering a courier collection service that you can arrange on a day that suits you best.

When Is the Best Time to Sell Your Pixel 5?

If you want to get the most money for your old phone, the best time to sell it is as soon as you realise you don’t need it anymore. Don’t just let it sit in your drawer, be proactive, do a backup, get the important texts and photos off and get the phone ready by removing any personal data before recycling your phone. A great time to sell is just before the new devices come out, because as new devices get released, all the old devices drop in value.

Google Pixel 5 Price History

The Pixel 5 was only released with one model, which makes things a lot easier for customers trading it in as there's less price fluctuation between different capacity variations, unlike with Apple Phones for example. It’s much better for the environment not to split the production between different models too as it creates more carbon footprint. The Pixel 5 was launched at £599, but if you have bought on a deal since then or bought a refurbished phone, then the depreciation would be much less.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My Pixel 5

After you have sent your device in to be recycled, the recycler will assess any damage and come back to you with a confirmed value. After that transaction is complete, the recycler will typically refurbish the phone, tidy up any marks and blemishes and eventually put it back on the market as a refurbished smartphone which can be used again.

Can I Sell My Broken Google Pixel 5?

Your Google Pixel 5 might be completely broken; but you should still get money for it. All you need to do is categorise your phone as ‘Broken’ on our site. However, if your device has been subjected to water damage, then you should contact your recycling company to find out what these policies are via the company’s T&Cs.

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