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Google Pixel XL

Pixel XL



What counts as good?

To receive the full quoted price your device must power on, show only minor signs of use, and have both fully functional hardware and software. Check the recycler's terms for full details.

How Do I Sell My Google Pixel XL?

We have an array of recyclers which will be looking to buy your Google Pixel XL. Simply choose which company you are interested in then fill in your details. Once this has been done, you will have a choice of postage: either sending your device yourself or using the freepost package that the company will provide you with. Once the company gets your phone, they will make sure that it is correct for their category and then later you will get paid.

When Is the Best Time to Sell My Google Pixel XL?

If you are ready to put your Google Pixel XL on the market, you should do it as soon as possible to get the most money for it. If you do want to pick a specific time of year however, we would recommend either during the winter months leading up to Christmas or just before a new Google device is launched.

Google Pixel XL Price History

The Google Pixel XL came out in 2016 and the capacity options are either 32GB or 128GB. The lower capacity version costed £719 when it was first released. If you sell your phone sooner rather than later, you should get more money for it than you would if you were to wait as phones’ value depreciates as time goes on. The phone’s condition will also determine how much the device will cost. If you do not buy a phone case for it, then this increases the likelihood of it getting broken substantially.

What Will Happen After I Recycle My Google Pixel XL?

Once your Google Pixel XL has been sent off to be recycled, it will get resold to another consumer. This usually will involve a refurbishment first, and if it is completely damaged, the internal components of the device will be removed and then resold to be used elsewhere.

Can I Sell My Broken Google Pixel XL?

Even if your device is completely broken, there are recyclers that buy these sorts of devices and sell them on as second-hand. You should ensure that you describe your phone as ‘broken’ when you complete the form. Some examples of what would make your broken include the speaker not working, a shattered screen or the device not charging properly. If your device has water damage, then you should ensure that you have a look at your recycler’s T&Cs or contact them directly.