What Is Royal Mail's Parcel Collect?

What is Royal Mail Parcel Collect?

Parcel Collect is Royal Mail’s new collection service that can be booked online. Royal Mail will send a mail carrier to your address to collect your device. This is a quick and cost effective way to get your phone collected without the need for you to go to your local post office.

How Does Royal Mail Parcel Collect Work When Selling Your Device To One of the Recyclers on Our Comparison?

When placing your order to sell your device, the majority of recyclers will have two postage options for you to choose from:

  • Request a Pack
  • Use Your Own Packaging

Both of these options will provide you with a postage-paid return label. The label will either be sent to your address with a pack or via a link in an email confirmation that will direct you to a dedicated page on Royal Mail’s website to generate the postage label for your order. The label will have its unique tracking reference which is the main requirement to book a collection through Royal Mail’s Parcel Collect service.

If you have requested a trade-in pack to be sent to your address, you’ll need to wait until it arrives with the label, then you’ll be able to book your collection with Royal Mail.

If you’ve chosen to use your own packaging, and the postage-paid label has been emailed to you or you’ve generated one, you can book the collection with the generated label whenever you’re ready. Please note that this label will need to be printed out and stuck on to the packaging you’re using to send your phone prior to collection taking place.

Using the provided postage-paid label, the collection through Royal Mail will cost you £0.60.

Steps To Book a Collection Using a Pre-Paid Postage Label

Once you have received the postage label from the recycler or you have generated it yourself, follow these steps to book your collection with Royal Mail:

How To Book a Collection with Royal Mail

After you’ve booked the collection, you need to prepare your device for sale (take a look at our guide here), put your device in the pack the recycler sent you or the one you’ve purchased yourself and affix the printed pre-paid postage label onto the package.

Then, when the mail carrier arrives at your address, all you will need to do is give them your parcel, and they will do the rest.

How To Book A Royal Mail Collection for Special Delivery postage

We recommend posting high value devices to the recycler via Royal Mail Special Delivery (or any alternative tracked service) as this keeps your parcel fully insured.

You can purchase the Special Delivery postage online from Royal Mail and follow the same steps we discussed above. Just make sure to use the tracking reference from the Special Delivery label you’ve purchased to book your collection.


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