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The Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: The iPhone Of Android But Better

yellow galaxy s24, violet galaxy s24 plus and grey galaxy s24 ultra sliding in from the top

The release of the much-anticipated Galaxy S24 series is here and Samsung have upped their game especially after their competitors Apple and Google came in strong with new AI features and changes to design materials in 2023. The series includes the Samsung Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra. This lineup promises a variety of new features that is sure to add to Samsung’s users’ smartphone experience. Let's delve into some of the new features that might make the Galaxy S24 Series stand out in the crowded smartphone market.

Image: Samsung

Design Refinements

One of the major updates in the Galaxy S24 Ultra is the incorporation of a new Titanium frame. Taking a cue from Apple's iPhone 15 Pro models, although the S24 and S24+ still have the Aluminium frame, Samsung aims to enhance the device's durability while simultaneously reducing its weight. We think this is a step in the right direction and actually highlights the fact that they are aware of what its competitors are doing as well as making good improvements to the overall design.

This year it seems that Samsung has worked on maintaining the overall aesthetics of the Galaxy S23 lineup with the Galaxy S24 series introducing a few thoughtful design refinements. The S24 and S24+ feature fully squared-off edges giving a premium iPhone-sque feel, while the S24 Ultra retains its signature contoured edges as well as tthe S-Pen and better quality screens. Display sizes have also had a quick makeover ensuring a visually immersive experience is kept across each new model. The Galaxy S24’s screen measures at 6.2-inches, and the S24+’s display is slightly larger at 6.7-inches. Whilst the S24 Ultra boasts a 6.8-inch screen which is great for streaming and note taking.

Image: Samsung

Improvements To Performance

The Galaxy S24 comes with 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage whilst the Galaxy S24+ and Ultra come with 12GB of RAM with 256GB of storage. Powering the Galaxy S24 models is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset, Qualcomm's latest smartphone processor. Following the success of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the S23 series, it is sure to provide an enhanced performance and efficiency for Galaxy S24 users. The fact that Samsung has introduced Galaxy AI with their latest Galaxy series just shows that they will take advantage of the new and enhanced AI Engine on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and its capabilities to process more requests on the device. But we’ll need to wait for tests to find out what it means for the overall performance and for battery life. On paper, it promises 30% performance improvement and 20% boost to power efficiency. 

It’s also worth noting that Samsung now offers 7 years of support and security updates which technically means you’ll be able to use your Galaxy S24 until 2031! This major upgrade now mirrors the likes of Apple, joining them in helping to prolong their products. Not only will this highlight obvious improvements to overall performance but it will also aid in battery health. 

Image: Samsung

AI Features Redefined

Samsung stepped up its AI game with the introduction of its own generative AI model called Gauss in 2023. Since the announcement, Samsung has continued to focus on the incredible possibilities of AI and the Galaxy S24 series come with a whole range of AI assistants in the form of Text and Speech, Circle to Search and Live Translations that seamlessly blend AI intelligence into software.

Text And Speech Enhancements

The incorporation of AI in the S24 series brings Live Translations similar to what Google’s Pixel 8 offers. This feature enables real-time audio and text translation during calls or text messaging. Real-time is a two-way translation available in the Galaxy S24 series. Live Translate kicks in during voice calls and text translations, making communication easy when on the go. Another great feature, especially if you're into voice memos, is ‘Transcript Assist’ - it will make your life a lot easier. It helps transcribe, translate, and even sum up your memos, all customisable to your liking. The good news is that you do not need the internet for this to successfully work!

Samsung introduced another great tool that is sure to come in handy for those who are constantly writing emails or communicating with multiple people on a daily basis. Whenever you find yourself trying to find the right words to use, whether it be for a formal email or a casual chat with a friend, then this is where Chat Assist comes in. This feature pops up in text-based platforms such as email, social media or messaging apps, suggesting various tones to match what you're typing.

Circle To Search

This new feature really does unlock a new level of convenience. The Circle To Search transforms your Google search usage within any app. It allows you to circle or highlight text or objects to initiate a search, and all you have to do is let AI produce instantaneous results. Let's say you spot a dessert on a TikTok video and you want to find out more about it and where to get it. Swipe up to activate the search, circle the dessert with your finger, and watch the AI unfold the dessert's backstory. If you want to learn more, then it will also delve further into details about the dessert and why it's gained such popularity. Yes, it’s incredible that such a cool feature is so easy to use but we think that cutting out the hassle of jumping between apps is the real gamechanger.

Image: Samsung

Image Editing

Among the multiple features Galaxy AI has in store, we are sure the image editing features will go down well with Samsung customers. Similar to Pixel phones, the Galaxy S24 series boast the capability to edit pictures using the power of AI. With generative AI-driven image editing features, users can not only select an object in a photo and freely move it around the frame but also completely erase it. Not only this, but AI will also seamlessly fill the gaps left by these edits. While this technology holds the potential for misuse in spreading misinformation, Samsung has a plan in place to prevent it. According to the tech giant, AI-edited images will automatically include watermarks, which will highlight a clear indicator of the incorporation of AI. These watermarks will be visible on the corner of the image and as an additional layer of assurance, Samsung will make sure that images altered with AI will carry metadata explicitly stating that the edits were performed by AI.

The Takeaway

So there you have it, the Samsung Galaxy S24 series have set the tone for 2024 flagships, offering innovative features packed with generative AI. From AI transforming how we communicate and search for information online to image editing which has really elevated how we use our mobile phones. Not only have they incorporated AI seamlessly into the Galaxy S24 series, but they have also created a sleek design which we think resembles the iPhone not only due to the inclusion of Titanium but also the rounded edges of the Galaxy S24 and S24+. If you are looking to upgrade to one of the Galaxy S24 models, why not see how much you can get to put towards your next upgrade. Or if you have another phone you want to sell, have a browse here for the best trade-in deals.


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