September 2020 iPhone Price Predictions

When upgrading your old device, you'll want to know how much it's worth, so whether you're waiting for the iPhone announcement or considering sending in your old iPhone for something different, September is the time that has the most price fluctuations of any month.

Using our daily price tracking system and trend data of previous years, we're able to predict the prices that the iPhones will be, come the end of September, and based our predictions last year, we're able to predict with this with great accuracy (#humblebrag).

But seriously, we want to ensure that you get the most for your old phone, so not only are you doing the right thing for the environment, but you're also getting the most possible towards your next phone.

The iPhone 11

The 11, 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max were the latest in a new line of iPhone devices, and many of the serial upgraders that move from new device to new device will be waiting in anticipation to see what the iPhone 12 has to offer to decide whether or not they want to upgrade.

Price Prediction for the iPhone 11 Range

iPhone Model

Average Trade In Price August

Current Up To Price

Predicted at iPhone 12 Release

iPhone 11 Pro Max




iPhone 11 Pro




iPhone 11




These are the average costs of the iPhone 11 range, and there's likely to be some variation based on the capacity of the device. However, we're confident that the prices will be around these when the new iPhone 12 gets released.

Price Predictions for Other iPhones

It's not only the latest device we predict the prices for. We also look at past trends and popularity to determine what the price will be to trade in old iPhones when the new iPhone is released.

iPhone Model by
Trade-In Popularity

Average Trade-in
Price in August

Average Current Up
To Trade-In Price

Predicted Up To Trade-In Price
After iPhone 12 Release

iPhone 8 64GB




iPhone 7 32GB




iPhone X 64GB




iPhone 8 Plus 64GB




iPhone XR 64GB




iPhone XS 64GB




iPhone 7 Plus 32GB




iPhone 7 128GB




iPhone XS Max 64GB




iPhone 6s 16GB




iPhone 7 Plus 128GB




iPhone 11 64GB




iPhone 6s 32GB




iPhone X 256GB




iPhone 6 16GB




iPhone XS Max 256GB




iPhone SE (1st generation) 16GB




iPhone XS 256GB




iPhone XR 128GB




There are certainly some interesting changes predicted, with many of the older, but still supported, devices holding their value. In particular, there's the ever popular iPhone 7 which has gained value in September (so far) and thus will be quite protected from the yearly drop in prices.

There's still some uncertainty as to whether the iPhone 12 will be announced on the 15th with the Apple event. If they do postpone the announcement and the release of the new iPhone by consequence even further than they already have, then we may see some even sharper drops in trade-in prices.

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