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Fancying upgrading to an iPhone 5? What is your old iPhone worth?

In just one week Apple’s latest and greatest handset will arrive, the iPhone 5 and while everyone likes to have one of the latest handsets iPhone users more than any other seem scramble for the latest iPhone every time Apple release a new handset. Now iPhones don’t come cheap so how can you make the upgrade a little more affordable? By selling your old handset of course!

With the war currently raging between iPhone and Android there’s a lot of users fiercely loyal to their chosen brand right now, so it’s a good bet that if you’re looking to get an iPhone 5 then you already own an existing iPhone and the good news is that compared to other brands old iPhones hold their value pretty well.

So what can you get for your old iPhone? Just head over to our iPhone recycling section and pick your model and we’ll then show you all the top prices, it’s that simple! Don’t worry if your old handset isn’t an iPhone, just head over to our mobile phone recycling section and find your phone, we have prices for just about any handset you can think of.