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iPhones are becoming vastly more expensive than they ever have been before. Apple have managed to normalise iPhones which cost over £1,000, which would have been unfathomable a few years ago. Although these high-end iPhones are still popular among mobile phone consumers, £1,000 simply is not a realistic amount to be spending on a phone for most people.

A much cheaper option would be to go for a refurbished iPhone. As iPhones are extremely popular trade-ins at Compare and Recycle, nearly every iPhone will be available as a refurbished option. You can get a refurbished iPhone for up to half the price of buying new, depending on the quality.

If you choose a pristine refurbished iPhone, you can be sure that the phone will look just as good as a new phone with the only notable difference usually being the box it comes in!

Furthermore, this would be an environmentally friendly option as getting a refurbished device not only stops that device from getting thrown into landfill, but it also reduces the demand for new iPhones to be manufactured, which contributes to CO2 emissions.

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