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What To Do With Old Mobile Phones?

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What happened to all your old mobile phones you once upgraded? Well, most likely they have been completely forgotten about at the back of your drawer and sadly this means lost money and lost precious metals. Our upgrade habits have changed, and now we hold on to our phones for longer, but eventually you will get your hands on a new phone. So the question is, what to do with our old mobile phones? The good news is that we have all the answers to help you out with this not so complicated task. From trade-ins to recycling old mobile phones, you’ll be an expert on clearing out your mobile phone drawer, so read on.

Things to do and not to do with old mobile phones

Essentially, there are two routes you can take to responsibly get rid of your old mobile phone: using trade-in services to sell your mobile phone for cash or send it off to be recycled at a specialist recycling facility.

Don’t bin your mobile phone

First things first, do not throw away your mobile phone whether it be in your regular black bin or your recycling bin, broken or working - just don’t do it! This is incredibly dangerous mainly because mobile phones contain lithium-ion batteries, which when crushed will cause a thermal reaction and catch a fire. This puts the lives of the bin workers and those working on the premises in danger. Additionally, if a mobile phone ends up in the bin, it will make its way to landfill instead of having its components recovered and reused. 

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Find out how much is it worth and sell your phone

If your mobile phone still powers on then the best course of action is to sell it. Like anything you sell, it is always good to check how much you can get for it, and with mobile phones the value will depend on its condition.

So if your mobile phone has had quite a journey and encountered cracks or heavy wear and tear along the way, then you can expect to get a lower offer compared to a mobile phone that’s in a good nick, even after a few years of use. Remember to compare prices to sell your mobile phone this way you will get the best price for it. Disposing of your phone in this way has so many environmental and of course financial benefits. Not only will you have peace of mind that it will be reused as a refurbished phone but you will also make a pretty penny selling it on.

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If your phone is obsolete - recycle it

An obsolete phone means that it’s past its prime. It lacks compatibility, it no longer receives software and security updates and you’re likely not to make any money from it. Mobile phones that are damaged beyond repair also fall into this category, but nevertheless, both should be disposed of responsibly and the easiest way is to find a recycling drop off point near you using the Recycle Your Electricals directory.

If your mobile phone is obsolete and you try to sell it on the Compare and Recycle website, then you will be met with a message that we couldn’t find a price for your mobile phone and recommendations on what steps you could take instead.

Repurpose your mobile phone

If you’re set on keeping hold of your working mobile phone, then you can look into suggestions below how else you can put your mobile phone to good use:

So if these don’t take your fancy, then we’ll say it again - recycle your phone! Whether you can earn money from it or not, it is the most responsible way to dispose of your device and also the safest.


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